Honda Bikes

Buy CB400F STD, Review and CB400F STD Wallpapers

Honda CB400F STD

Rs. 2,50,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CB500F STD, Review and CB500F STD Wallpapers

Honda CB500F STD

Rs. 3,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CBR125R STD, Review and CBR125R STD Wallpapers

Honda CBR125R STD

Rs. 1,00,000
Expected End 2015
Buy CBR150R 2015, Review and CBR150R 2015 Wallpapers

Honda CBR150R 2015

Rs. 1,20,000
Expected Early 2015
Buy CBR150R 2015 Repsol  Edition, Review and CBR150R 2015 Repsol  Edition Wallpapers

Honda CBR150R 2015 Repsol Edition

Rs. 1,25,000
Expected Early 2015
Buy CBR250R 2014, Review and CBR250R 2014 Wallpapers

Honda CBR250R 2014

Rs. 1,60,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR300R STD, Review and CBR300R STD Wallpapers

Honda CBR300R STD

Rs. 1,95,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR400R STD, Review and CBR400R STD Wallpapers

Honda CBR400R STD

Rs. 2,75,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CBR500R STD, Review and CBR500R STD Wallpapers

Honda CBR500R STD

Rs. 3,25,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR600F ABS, Review and CBR600F ABS Wallpapers

Honda CBR600F ABS

Rs. 6,00,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR600RR ABS, Review and CBR600RR ABS Wallpapers

Honda CBR600RR ABS

Rs. 7,00,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR650F, Review and CBR650F Wallpapers

Honda CBR650F

Rs. 6,50,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy MSX125, Review and MSX125 Wallpapers

Honda MSX125

Rs. 75,000
Expected End 2015

Available Bikes

Buy Activa, Review and Activa Wallpapers

Honda Activa

Rs. 43,700 - Rs. 58,000
Buy Aviator, Review and Aviator Wallpapers

Honda Aviator

Rs. 47,500 - Rs. 52,700
Buy CB Shine, Review and CB Shine Wallpapers

Honda CB Shine

Rs. 47,500 - Rs. 54,000
Buy CB Trigger, Review and CB Trigger Wallpapers

Honda CB Trigger

Rs. 65,600 - Rs. 74,800
Buy CB Twister, Review and CB Twister Wallpapers

Honda CB Twister

Rs. 45,159 - Rs. 50,358
Buy CB Unicorn, Review and CB Unicorn Wallpapers

Honda CB Unicorn

Rs. 62,676 - Rs. 67,759
Buy CB1000R, Review and CB1000R Wallpapers

Honda CB1000R

Rs. 11,81,756 - Rs. 11,99,563
Buy CBF Stunner, Review and CBF Stunner Wallpapers

Honda CBF Stunner

Rs. 55,419 - Rs. 55,419
Buy CBR1000RR, Review and CBR1000RR Wallpapers

Honda CBR1000RR

Rs. 15,46,479 - Rs. 16,00,000
Buy CBR150R, Review and CBR150R Wallpapers

Honda CBR150R

Rs. 1,17,300 - Rs. 1,25,000
Buy CBR250R, Review and CBR250R Wallpapers

Honda CBR250R

Rs. 1,52,000 - Rs. 1,90,000
Buy CD Dream, Review and CD Dream Wallpapers

Honda CD Dream

Rs. 41,100 - Rs. 41,100
Buy Dio, Review and Dio Wallpapers

Honda Dio

Rs. 44,600 - Rs. 44,600
Buy Dream Neo, Review and Dream Neo Wallpapers

Honda Dream Neo

Rs. 41,655 - Rs. 45,597
Buy Dream Yuga, Review and Dream Yuga Wallpapers

Honda Dream Yuga

Rs. 43,549 - Rs. 47,656
Buy Fury, Review and Fury Wallpapers

Honda Fury

Rs. 13,99,644 - Rs. 13,99,644
Buy VFR1200F, Review and VFR1200F Wallpapers

Honda VFR1200F

Rs. 17,62,938 - Rs. 17,62,938

Upcoming Bikes

Buy CB150R Streetfire, Review and CB150R Streetfire Wallpapers

Honda CB150R Streetfire

Rs. 96,000 - Rs. 96,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CB250R Streetfire, Review and CB250R Streetfire Wallpapers

Honda CB250R Streetfire

Rs. 1,29,000 - Rs. 1,29,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CB300F, Review and CB300F Wallpapers

Honda CB300F

Rs. 1,75,000 - Rs. 1,75,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CB400F, Review and CB400F Wallpapers

Honda CB400F

Rs. 2,50,000 - Rs. 2,75,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CB400X, Review and CB400X Wallpapers

Honda CB400X

Rs. 2,60,000 - Rs. 2,85,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CB500F, Review and CB500F Wallpapers

Honda CB500F

Rs. 3,00,000 - Rs. 3,25,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CB500X, Review and CB500X Wallpapers

Honda CB500X

Rs. 3,10,000 - Rs. 3,35,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CBR125R, Review and CBR125R Wallpapers

Honda CBR125R

Rs. 1,00,000 - Rs. 1,00,000
Expected End 2015
Buy CBR300R, Review and CBR300R Wallpapers

Honda CBR300R

Rs. 1,95,000 - Rs. 2,25,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR400R, Review and CBR400R Wallpapers

Honda CBR400R

Rs. 2,75,000 - Rs. 3,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CBR500R, Review and CBR500R Wallpapers

Honda CBR500R

Rs. 3,25,000 - Rs. 3,50,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR600F, Review and CBR600F Wallpapers

Honda CBR600F

Rs. 6,00,000 - Rs. 6,00,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR600RR, Review and CBR600RR Wallpapers

Honda CBR600RR

Rs. 7,00,000 - Rs. 7,00,000
Expected End 2014
Buy CBR650F, Review and CBR650F Wallpapers

Honda CBR650F

Rs. 6,50,000 - Rs. 6,50,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy CRF250L, Review and CRF250L Wallpapers

Honda CRF250L

Rs. 1,50,000 - Rs. 1,50,000
Expected End 2014
Buy Interceptor, Review and Interceptor Wallpapers

Honda Interceptor

Rs. 8,00,000 - Rs. 8,00,000
Expected End 2014
Buy MSX, Review and MSX Wallpapers

Honda MSX

Rs. 75,000 - Rs. 75,000
Expected End 2015
Buy PCX, Review and PCX Wallpapers

Honda PCX

Expected End 2014
Buy Vision, Review and Vision Wallpapers

Honda Vision

Rs. 60,000 - Rs. 60,000
Expected End 2014

Discontinued Bikes

Buy Activa (2008), Review and Activa (2008) Wallpapers

Honda Activa (2008)

Rs. 45,300 - Rs. 46,400
Buy Aviator (2010), Review and Aviator (2010) Wallpapers

Honda Aviator (2010)

Rs. 49,700 - Rs. 52,000
Buy CBF Stunner Fi, Review and CBF Stunner Fi Wallpapers

Honda CBF Stunner Fi

Rs. 65,000 - Rs. 65,000
Buy Dio (2010), Review and Dio (2010) Wallpapers

Honda Dio (2010)

Rs. 43,879 - Rs. 44,600
Buy Eterno, Review and Eterno Wallpapers

Honda Eterno

Rs. 45,500 - Rs. 45,900
Buy Shine, Review and Shine Wallpapers

Honda Shine

Rs. 46,500 - Rs. 61,700
Buy Unicorn, Review and Unicorn Wallpapers

Honda Unicorn

Rs. 64,000 - Rs. 70,000

Honda Bikes

  • Founded: 1999
  • Country: India
  • Headquarters: Haryana, India

The Honda developed its first motorcycle in 1949, and it was called the Model D. Since then, Honda has grown to become the leasing motorcycle manufacturer in the world. In fact, more than fifty million units of Honda Super Club were sold within fifty years, which made Honda the most popular motorcycle industry in history. Today, it offers enormous line-up of leading bikes and it is regularly adding new models. Honda Bikes got its features from the CBR line of sports bikes. Honda bikes are best suited for every type of rider.

You can find that Honda motorcycles compete at almost every level. Some of the Honda bikes are CBR1000RR, CBR600RR, VFR1200F sport touring motorcycle, Gold Wing touring motorcycle, VFR1200F sport touring motorcycle and Fury Chopper. The other Honda’s off-road offerings include the motocross bike, CRF250R and the CRF450X endure. Hope Honda continues with its innovations in the years to come.