Hero Bikes

Buy Dare 125, Review and Dare 125 Wallpapers

Hero Dare 125

Expected End 2016
Buy Dash 110, Review and Dash 110 Wallpapers

Hero Dash 110

Rs. 48,000
Expected End 2014
Buy Hastur 620, Review and Hastur 620 Wallpapers

Hero Hastur 620

Rs. 4,00,000
Expected End 2015
Buy Hunk 150, Review and Hunk 150 Wallpapers

Hero Hunk 150

Rs. 70,725
Buy Hunk ABS, Review and Hunk ABS Wallpapers

Hero Hunk ABS

Rs. 78,000
Expected End 2014 (Speculation)
Buy HX250R STD, Review and HX250R STD Wallpapers

Hero HX250R STD

Rs. 1,30,000
Expected Early 2015
Buy Karizma R, Review and Karizma R Wallpapers

Hero Karizma R

Rs. 81,900
Buy Karizma ZMR, Review and Karizma ZMR Wallpapers

Hero Karizma ZMR

Rs. 1,02,000
Buy RNT Diesel, Review and RNT Diesel Wallpapers

Hero RNT Diesel

Rs. 80,000
Expected Early 2016
Buy ZIR 150, Review and ZIR 150 Wallpapers

Hero ZIR 150

Expected Early 2016

Available Bikes

Buy Achiever, Review and Achiever Wallpapers

Hero Achiever

Rs. 59,425 - Rs. 62,900
Buy Glamour, Review and Glamour Wallpapers

Hero Glamour

Rs. 53,400 - Rs. 62,700
Buy HF, Review and HF Wallpapers

Hero HF

Rs. 38,350 - Rs. 50,500
Buy Hunk, Review and Hunk Wallpapers

Hero Hunk

Rs. 67,725 - Rs. 78,000
Buy Ignitor, Review and Ignitor Wallpapers

Hero Ignitor

Rs. 55,200 - Rs. 60,200
Buy Impulse, Review and Impulse Wallpapers

Hero Impulse

Rs. 70,500 - Rs. 70,500
Buy Karizma, Review and Karizma Wallpapers

Hero Karizma

Rs. 81,900 - Rs. 1,02,000
Buy Maestro, Review and Maestro Wallpapers

Hero Maestro

Rs. 46,700 - Rs. 46,700
Buy Passion xPro, Review and Passion xPro Wallpapers

Hero Passion xPro

Rs. 49,050 - Rs. 52,950
Buy Pleasure, Review and Pleasure Wallpapers

Hero Pleasure

Rs. 43,000 - Rs. 46,000
Buy Splendor, Review and Splendor Wallpapers

Hero Splendor

Rs. 47,250 - Rs. 51,250
Buy Splendor NXG, Review and Splendor NXG Wallpapers

Hero Splendor NXG

Rs. 42,250 - Rs. 47,210
Buy Splendor Plus, Review and Splendor Plus Wallpapers

Hero Splendor Plus

Rs. 45,220 - Rs. 50,000
Buy Splendor Pro, Review and Splendor Pro Wallpapers

Hero Splendor Pro

Rs. 44,000 - Rs. 49,000
Buy Xtreme, Review and Xtreme Wallpapers

Hero Xtreme

Rs. 66,300 - Rs. 73,300

Upcoming Bikes

Buy Dare, Review and Dare Wallpapers

Hero Dare

Expected End 2016
Buy Dash, Review and Dash Wallpapers

Hero Dash

Rs. 48,000 - Rs. 48,000
Expected End 2014
Buy Dewlet, Review and Dewlet Wallpapers

Hero Dewlet

Rs. 48,000 - Rs. 48,000
Expected Early 2015
Buy Hastur, Review and Hastur Wallpapers

Hero Hastur

Rs. 4,00,000 - Rs. 4,00,000
Expected End 2015
Buy HX250R, Review and HX250R Wallpapers

Hero HX250R

Rs. 1,30,000 - Rs. 1,50,000
Expected Early 2015
Buy iON, Review and iON Wallpapers

Hero iON

Expected End 2016 (Production Version)
Buy Leap Hybrid Concept, Review and Leap Hybrid Concept Wallpapers

Hero Leap Hybrid Concept

Expected End 2014
Buy RnT, Review and RnT Wallpapers

Hero RnT

Rs. 80,000 - Rs. 80,000
Expected Early 2016
Buy ZIR, Review and ZIR Wallpapers

Hero ZIR

Expected Early 2016

Discontinued Bikes

Buy Xtreme (2012), Review and Xtreme (2012) Wallpapers

Hero Xtreme (2012)

Rs. 71,200 - Rs. 71,200

Hero Bikes

  • Founded: 2011
  • Country: India
  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

One of the world’s largest two wheelers manufacturer of India is the Hero MotoCorp Ltd, which was formely known as the Hero Honda Motors Ltd... In 2001, the company achieved the position of being the largest manufacturer of India in the two wheeler segment. This is the ‘World’s no.1’ company in terms of unit sales, and it continues to maintain its position till date. This is really an achievement for the company.

The company operates under a simple vision. Its new identity is to provide world class mobility solutions to its customers, and whereby renew its focus on expanding footprints of the company in the global arena. Hero MotoCorp’s mission is to set benchmarks in the field of technology, quality and styling. This will help it to convert the customers into brand advocates. The company’s mission is to provide an engaging environment to its customers to bring out their true potential.