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Fiat 500L Diesel

Expected End 2014
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Fiat 500X Diesel

Expected End 2014
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Fiat Avventura 1.3 Diesel

Rs. 8,00,000
Expected in a few days
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Fiat Palio Diesel 2015

Rs. 5,75,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Fiat Uno 2015

Rs. 4,00,000
Expected Mid 2015

Available Cars

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Fiat Linea

Rs. 6,99,000 - Rs. 9,73,000
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Fiat Linea Classic

Rs. 5,99,000 - Rs. 7,51,000
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Fiat Punto Evo

Rs. 4,55,000 - Rs. 7,19,000

Upcoming Cars

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Fiat 500

Rs. 15,20,000 - Rs. 16,28,000
Expected End 2014
Buy Avventura, Review and Avventura Wallpapers

Fiat Avventura

Rs. 6,00,000 - Rs. 8,00,000
Expected in a few days
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Fiat Bravo

Rs. 19,00,000 - Rs. 22,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Fiat Doblo

Rs. 16,00,000 - Rs. 16,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Fiat Freemont

Rs. 32,00,000 - Rs. 32,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Fiat Palio

Rs. 4,75,000 - Rs. 5,75,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Fiat Panda

Rs. 6,50,000 - Rs. 6,50,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Fiat Sedici

Rs. 11,00,000 - Rs. 11,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
Buy Uno, Review and Uno Wallpapers

Fiat Uno

Rs. 4,00,000 - Rs. 4,00,000
Expected Mid 2015

Discontinued Cars

Buy Linea (2013), Review and Linea (2013) Wallpapers

Fiat Linea (2013)

Rs. 8,12,000 - Rs. 9,55,000
Buy Palio (2007), Review and Palio (2007) Wallpapers

Fiat Palio (2007)

Discontinued March 2007
Buy Palio (2011), Review and Palio (2011) Wallpapers

Fiat Palio (2011)

Rs. 3,62,000 - Rs. 5,14,000
Buy Palio Adventure (2007), Review and Palio Adventure (2007) Wallpapers

Fiat Palio Adventure (2007)

Discontinued in 2007
Buy Petra (2007), Review and Petra (2007) Wallpapers

Fiat Petra (2007)

Discontinued February 2007
Buy Punto, Review and Punto Wallpapers

Fiat Punto

Rs. 5,04,000 - Rs. 7,50,000
Company Details


  • Founded: 1899
  • Country: Italy
  • Subsidiaries: Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth
  • Headquarters: Turin, Italy

FIAT was founded in the year 1899 and it is one of the oldest and successful groups in Europe. FIAT stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, which translates into Italian Automobile Factory of Turin. They primarily manufacture automobile and engine. Previously it has also manufactured railway engines, carraiges, military vehicles and aircrafts. It is the largest company in Italy and 9th largest in the world without including the 2009 Chrysler acquisition. It has production facilities in Brazil, Argentina and Poland and Joint Venture in number of countries.

In India, FIAT collaborated with Premier Automobiles Ltd. The company began producing version of FIAT 500 from 1951 onwards. In 1997 FIAT made a 50-50 joint venture with Tata Motors. It started building Palio Stile Multijet. In 2009 they launched internationally acclaimed cars like Linea, Grande Punto and Bravo. Through this venture FIAT sold their cars through Tata Motors dealership and also manufactured in their location. Presently FIAT is looking to open FIAT exclusive showrooms on its own and strengthen its base in India before launching any new cars.