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New Datsun GO Price in India
Datsun GO
7736 views this week
₹ 4,02,778 - ₹ 6,51,238
Datsun GO (P)
Datsun GO (2016)
5859 views this week
₹ 3,14,529 - ₹ 4,26,000
New Datsun GO Plus Price in India
Datsun GO+
9737 views this week
₹ 4,25,926 - ₹ 6,99,976
Datsun Go Plus (P)
Datsun GO+ (2016)
4364 views this week
₹ 3,82,000 - ₹ 5,04,000
New Datsun Redi-GO Price in India
Datsun redi-GO
9698 views this week
₹ 3,83,800 - ₹ 4,95,600
Datsun redi-GO Sport Edition
Datsun redi-GO (2017)
8804 views this week
₹ 3,39,587 - ₹ 3,99,938
New Datsun redi-GO India (P)
Datsun redi-GO (2019)
4031 views this week
₹ 3,69,000 - ₹ 4,37,065

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Toll Free Roadside Assistance Number: 1800-209-3456

The Datsun brand was fortified by the parent company in the year 2012 after a gap of almost 30 years as a budget offering for many of its developing markets. The company’s original production run took place from 1958 to 1986, during which they produced some excellent cars like the 240Z, 510 sedans.

However, the actual origins of the company date back much further. The original cars were produced by the Kaishinsha Motorcar company and were named the DAT after the first letters in the names of the founders. Since there was minimal demand for cars in Japan at that time, the company mostly produced trucks for the Japanese military.

It merged with Jitsuyo Jidosha and became DAT automobile manufacturing limited and then began selling three-wheeled and four-wheeled automobiles. In 1930, the Japanese government introduced a rule that allowed cars of 500cc and below to be driven without a license and so DAT automobiles began producing a line of 495cc engined cars to comply with these rules and named then Datsun (son of DAT).

By the late 1950s Datsun began to eye America as a big market and under its parent company, Nissan made a name for itself over the next 25 years by producing a variety of vehicles. By 1986, Nissan wanted to promote its brand name in a stronger way and slowly decided to phase out the Datsun name in order to achieve the former.

Current day As we had said earlier, the brand was revived in 2012 and the first car was launched in early 2014 for the Indian market. The current Datsun brand has a two-car line-up and in the coming future will be joined by the two more models. Each car in the line-up has been designed with a specific market in mind and has been tailor-made to suit the needs of just that market.

The first car was the Datsun GO hatchback which has been designed keeping the Indian market in mind. It will soon be joined by the GO+ MPV, the Redi-GO compact hatchback and a sedan model that has been designed keeping the Russian market in mind.

While each car has been designed with the needs of a specific market, we expect that Datsun will sell all the models in all its markets. The cars are being sold through Nissan dealerships and this will continue to be the case for another three years at least. The company only sells petrol-engined models but we expect that they will also offer diesel engined cars in the future.

Datsun offers 3 new car models in India. Redi GO, GO and GO Plus are among the popular cars from Datsun. Datsun Redi GO is the lowest priced model at Rs. 2.49 lakh and Datsun GO Plus is the highest priced model at Rs. 3.84 lakh.

Questions and Answers

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Which one should I buy: Datsun Redi-GO or Renault KWID?
29 December 2022 10:16
Starting from the dimensions, Redi-Go is shorter and narrower but higher than Kwid. Redi-Go has got a world-class ground clearance of 185 mm.
What is the company claimed mileage of Datsun Redi-GO?
29 December 2022 10:16
The Datsun's urban-cross Redi-Go launched in India comes with features of both crossover and urban hatchback. It has been designed with a glamorous and high-class look that will appeal to first-time car buyers.
Will Datsun Launch the Diesel Variant of 'GO' in India?
29 December 2022 10:10
Yes, Datsun will launch the diesel trim of “GO” in India. But the hatches will go on sale next year, most probably.
Will Datsun Launch the Diesel Variant of 'GO' in India?
29 December 2022 06:11
TVS Motors has launched the Radeon 110 at a price of INR 48,400 (ex-showroom Delhi). The price for other cities is yet to be announced. The bike has a 109.7cc Duralife engine which produces a maximum power of 8.4 PS at 7000 rpm and a peak torque of 8.7 Nm at 5000 rpm. This is the same engine that we see on the TVS Victor.
What is the Expected Price of Datsun GO?
29 December 2022 10:10
The all new Datsun Go is likely to be priced under Rs. 4 Lakh.

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