November 2023 KTM Sales Analysis: Duke, RC, Adventure, 390, 250, 200, 125

November 2023 KTM Sales Analysis: Duke, RC, Adventure, 390, 250, 200, 125

KTM, the Austrian motorcycle brand, experienced a promising sales performance in November 2023. Notably, the total sales exhibited positive year-over-year (YoY) growth, although there was a slight dip in month-over-month (MoM) sales. Of particular interest was the export segment, which showed positive growth both YoY and MoM, with exports surpassing domestic sales in India.

KTM Sales in November 2023 – Comprehensive Overview

KTM, the renowned Austrian motorcycle brand, showcased a commendable sales performance in November 2023. The total sales figures revealed a noteworthy year-over-year (YoY) growth rate, although there was a marginal decrease in sales when compared to the previous month. What stood out as particularly interesting was the export segment, which not only exhibited positive growth both YoY and month-over-month (MoM) but also surpassed domestic sales within India.

Total Sales Figures and Trends

In terms of total sales, KTM successfully pushed out 11,741 units in November 2023. This marked a significant YoY increase of 13.14% when compared to the 10,377 units sold in the same month of the previous year. However, a slight month-over-month (MoM) decline of 4.08% was observed, stemming from the 12,241 units sold in October 2023. The net volume gain YoY amounted to 1,364 units, with a corresponding decrease of 500 units MoM.

Top-Selling Models – Focus on KTM’s 390 Range

The standout performer in November 2023 was KTM's 390 range, which includes recently launched models such as the 2024 390 Duke, 390 Adventure, and RC 390. This range achieved remarkable sales of 3,956 units during the month, showcasing an impressive 91.48% YoY growth. However, a moderate 9.41% MoM decline was noted. The net volume gain amounted to 1,890 units YoY, with a decrease of 411 units MoM.

Examining other model ranges, the 200 range (comprising 200 Duke and RC 200) and the 250 range (encompassing 250 Adventure and 250 Duke) secured the 2nd and 3rd positions, with sales figures of 3,695 and 2,718 units, respectively. The 200 range experienced a substantial YoY decline of 36.56% and a MoM decline of 6.24%. In contrast, the 250 range exhibited a commendable YoY growth of 89.28%.

In contrast, KTM’s 125 range recorded the lowest sales at 1,272 units but stood out as the only category with MoM growth, reaching 53.47%.

Domestic Sales Performance – A Closer Look

Domestically, KTM's 200 range claimed the top spot with 2,777 units sold, achieving a 21.11% YoY growth. Notably, it also witnessed the least MoM decline in this group at 18.11%. The 250 range followed with 1,371 units sold, marking a 50.83% YoY growth. However, this category saw a sharp 33.32% MoM decline.

The 390 range secured the 3rd position, more than doubling its YoY sales to 1,001 units. The 125 range, positioned at 4th place, sold 138 units, with a notable YoY decline of 58.31%. In total, domestic sales amounted to 5,287 units, reflecting a 32.57% YoY growth but a 26.99% MoM decline.

Export Performance – Surpassing Domestic Sales

KTM's popular export model was the 390 range, with 2,955 units shipped, constituting 45.79% of total exports. The 390s exhibited strong YoY growth at 83.43% and a modest MoM growth of 5.72%. The company exported 1,247 and 1,234 units of the 250 range and 125 range, respectively. The 250 range showed remarkable YoY and MoM growth at 155.6% and 37.03%, while the 125 range recorded YoY growth of 71.39% and MoM growth of 83.63%.

In contrast, the 200 range was less popular in export markets, with 918 units shipped. This category experienced a substantial 74% MoM decline but showed a notable 66.91% YoY growth. Overall, KTM's exports reached 6,454 units, surpassing domestic sales in India. Exports showed a 1.02% YoY growth and a 29.08% MoM growth.


In November 2023 KTM's sales performance showed good developments with the 390 series leading the sales charts and robust export figures contributing to the brand's overall prosperity and the comprehensive study provides a clear understanding of the factors influencing KTM's success in both domestic and international markets.