Citroen C3: Automatic Variant Launch Confirmed for June

Citroen C3: Automatic Variant Launch Confirmed for June

Citroen is ready to introduce an automatic variant of its C3 hatchback in June, a move that aims to overcome a notable limitation of the current model. It is expected that the inclusion of an automatic gearbox will greatly increase the car's attractiveness especially in a country like India where people are becoming more and more interested in automatic transmissions due to its comfort and driving ease.

Automatic Transmission

The Citroen C3 will be equipped with a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission, the same unit found in the C3 Aircross SUV. This gearbox will be paired with the higher-spec 110 HP, 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine variant, providing a smoother and more convenient driving experience for customers. The addition of an automatic gearbox is expected to appeal to a wider range of customers particularly those looking for a more effortless driving experience in urban traffic conditions.

Pricing and Features

The introduction of the automatic gearbox is expected to come with a premium of over Rs. 1 lakh compared to manual variants. Despite the higher cost, the enhanced driving experience is likely to justify the added expense for many buyers. To further improve the appeal and value proposition of the C3 Citroen will also include features like LED headlights, a foldable key, and automatic air conditioning.

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Citroen C3

Safety Enhancements

Citroen aims to improve the safety credentials of the C3 by introducing six airbags, ISOFIX anchorages, and rear seat belt reminders as standard features by mid-2024. These upgrades are essential particularly in light of the vehicle's zero-star safety rating from Global NCAP. Citroen wants to reassure customers and enhance the C3's overall attractiveness therefore safety is a top priority.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Citroen plans a more comprehensive facelift for the C3 next year, which will include redesigned exterior and interior elements. The expected result of these upgrades is an increased level of market competitiveness for the automobile as well as a maintained attractiveness to buyers looking for a fashionable and functional hatchback. The upcoming facelift is likely to bring a refreshed look to the C3, aligning it with Citroen's latest design language seen in its global lineup.

All things considered, the introduction of the Citroen C3's automated version is a big improvement for the vehicle. With more convenience, strengthened security measures, and a host of other improvements the C3 is ready to draw in more business and establish itself as a leader in the competitive hatchback market. 


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Is the Citroen C3 suitable for city driving?
2024-01-09 08:20:35 AM

Yes, the Citroen C3 is designed with city driving in mind making it an ideal choice for navigating urban environments. It is easy to maneuver through city streets, small parking spaces, and clogged traffic thanks to its small size and agile handling. The automobile is more suited for city driving when its agility is paired with features like a quick steering system. Additionally, the Citroen C3 often comes with a comfortable interior making daily city driving a more enjoyable experience. Whether you are navigating busy streets or finding parking in crowded areas the Citroen C3 is crafted to provide a convenient and efficient urban driving experience.

How is the drive quality of Citroen C3?
2024-01-09 08:17:13 AM

The C3 soaks up rough roads, potholes, and broken patches in a manner that would make a multiple-time WRC-winning company proud. Which Citroen is! The C3 makes bumps disappear and it doesn’t bob or bounce. The tall sidewalls for the tyres give it added cushioning that lets the C3 just glide over broken roads. It’s absolutely wow on this front! Citroen says that the C3 is meant to be fun to drive too. As it turns out, despite its comfort factor, the C3 isn’t soft and sloppy at high speeds. Sure, the suspension is supple, but it is also controlled. In bends at high speeds, there’s a bit of body roll but then it settles down. It actually feels composed and stable even over 120kmph! So, Citroen’s rally pedigree can be experienced in the way the C3 soaks up bumps and the way it likes to be hustled too.

Which one is the best, Citroen C3 or Toyota Glanza?
2024-01-09 08:16:28 AM

While each vehicle excels in its own right, the Citroen C3 offers the functionality and room of a compact SUV for the cost of a hatchback that is comfortable on a range of surfaces. But it also lacks several basic equipment such as motorized adjustable mirrors, windshield wipers, and other creature conveniences to which we have grown accustomed from its competition. On the other hand, if you are looking for a hatch that satisfies a lot of needs the Glanza is an excellent option. It has more capacity than several more costly sedans an efficient engine selection, and a respectable features list. Therefore, you can choose the Glanza if a roomy cabin, good features, fuel economy, and power output are your top objectives.

What is the minimum down payment for Citroen C3?
2024-01-09 08:15:01 AM

The down payment typically amounts to 20–30% of the vehicle's on-road price, while the ROI varies from 9.25–11.5% and is entirely dependent on the individual's CIBIL/Credit score. Therefore, as they will be better able to help you, we would advise you to walk into the closest dealership to obtain the final financial quotation and supporting documentation. To view the details of the closest dealership, click the following link and choose your city appropriately.

Which car is better, Citroen C3 or Maruti Wagon R?
2024-01-09 08:13:37 AM

Both vehicles excel in their own fields, but the Citroen C3 offers the room and functionality of a compact SUV for the cost of a hatchback that is comfortable on a range of surfaces. However, it is also devoid of many creature conveniences that its competitors have made us accustomed to, such as electrically adjustable mirrors and windshield wipers. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, on the other hand, is the perfect little family vehicle. It has two engine options is efficient, practical, and capacious. It also has a convenient automatic transmission. Additionally we advise you to do a test drive to gain a better idea of compatibility and comfort when driving. Click the link to view dealership details, then choose the brand and city of your choice.