Top 5 Accessories for Citroen C3 and eC3 Blu Edition

Top 5 Accessories for Citroen C3 and eC3 Blu Edition

Citroen has unveiled the Blu Editions for the C3 and eC3 models, featuring distinctive blue accents replacing the traditional orange. A selection of premium accessories created to improve utility and elegance are also included with these limited editions. Here's what you can expect with these editions:

Exterior Additions 

  • Side Door Stickers: Blue accents adorn the side cladding, complemented by door stickers that span from beneath the blue ORVMs on the front door to the rear door, adding a sleek look to the vehicle's profile.
Top 5 Accessories for Citroen C3 and eC3 Blu Edition - front
  • Roof Decals: The vehicle's roof sports a vibrant blue color, enhanced with a stylish black and grey decal that includes the 'Citroen' logo, adding a touch of elegance and brand pride.

Interior Enhancements 

  • Illuminated Sill Plate: As you open the doors, an illuminated sill plate warmly greets you with the ‘Citroen’ logo prominently displayed, enhancing the premium feel upon entry.
  • Air Purifier and Illuminated Cup Holder: The interior is equipped with an air purifier to improve air quality inside the cabin and an illuminated cup holder that adds a touch of sophistication and convenience.
Top 5 Accessories for Citroen C3 and eC3 Blu Edition - midground

Comfort Kit 

The Blu Editions include a 'comfort kit' which consists of neck rest pillows, cushions, and seat-belt covers, all branded with the ‘Blu’ insignia. This kit is designed to enhance comfort and ensure a pleasant driving experience.

Powertrain Options 

The Citroen C3 and eC3 Blu Editions maintain their existing powertrain setups. The C3 is available with a 1.2-litre petrol engine in two variants: a naturally aspirated engine producing 81bhp, coupled with a five-speed manual transmission, and a turbocharged version delivering 109bhp available with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The eC3 features a 29.2kWh battery powering an electric motor that produces 56bhp and 143Nm ensuring efficient and responsive performance.

These Blu Editions are tailored for those who appreciate distinctive styling coupled with enhanced features for comfort and convenience, setting them apart in the compact car segment