Citroen C3 and eC3 Blu Editions Available for Sale

Citroen C3 and eC3 Blu Editions Available for Sale

Citroen is celebrating its third anniversary in India with the launch of the Blu Editions for its C3 and eC3 models. These special editions are now available and offer a fresh take on the already popular petrol and electric hatchbacks.

Key Highlights of the Citroen Blu Editions

  • Variants and Pricing: The Blu Editions are based on the existing Feel and Shine trims of the C3 and eC3. Citroen has priced these special editions at an additional Rs. 14,000 over the current ex-showroom prices.
  • Cosmetic Enhancements: Both the C3 Blu and eC3 Blu feature aesthetic modifications that set them apart from the standard models. These include a distinctive Cosmo Blue colour replacing the usual orange accents, adding a unique flair to the vehicles' appearance. The special editions also boast exterior decals that enhance their visual appeal.
  • Exclusive Features: The Blu Editions are equipped with several new features aimed at enhancing comfort and style. These include illuminated sill plates, branded neckrests, seat-belt cushions and an air purifier providing an elevated in-car experience.
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Citroen C3

Availability and Bookings

The Citroen Blu Editions will be available for a limited period, with dealerships set to start dispatching them soon. Bookings are already open, allowing customers to secure their special edition models quickly.

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Citroen eC3 Blu Editions

Citroen's Network Expansion

In line with its third anniversary, Citroen is also aggressively expanding its network across India. The carmaker aims to reach 200 dealerships by the end of this year under its Network Expansion Program (NEP). This expansion is intended to enhance the Citroen car ownership experience by improving accessibility to the brand's services and support.

With these new launches and network expansion Citroen continues to strengthen its presence in the Indian automotive market offering compelling choices to consumers looking for stylish and feature-rich vehicles.