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Volvo S60 R-Design (NEW)
Volvo S60
774 views this week
₹ 32,63,000 - ₹ 54,96,000
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Volvo S80
Volvo S80
197 views this week
₹ 36,52,540 - ₹ 48,20,000
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Volvo S90 (NEW)
Volvo S90
700 views this week
₹ 57,96,000
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Volvo V40 Cross Country
Volvo V40
1151 views this week
₹ 27,69,000 - ₹ 32,23,000
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Volvo V90 Cross Country (NEW)
Volvo V90
485 views this week
₹ 63,99,000
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Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60
511 views this week
₹ 47,71,000 - ₹ 56,13,000
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Volvo XC90 Inscription
Volvo XC90
900 views this week
₹ 76,47,000 - ₹ 127,50,000
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Volvo S60 D5 Summum
Volvo S60 (2012)
386 views this week
₹ 25,00,000 - ₹ 39,36,000
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Volvo S80
Volvo S80 (2013)
43 views this week
₹ 33,24,000 - ₹ 36,24,000
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Volvo V40 Cross Counrty (P)
Volvo V40 (2016)
89 views this week
₹ 27,29,000
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Volvo XC60 Diesel D5 AWD
Volvo XC60 (2012)
225 views this week
₹ 35,25,000 - ₹ 51,00,000
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Volvo XC90 (2011) R-Design
Volvo XC90 (2011)
27 views this week
₹ 42,43,000 - ₹ 55,00,000
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Toll Free Roadside Assistance Number: 1800-102-9100

The Swedish Volvo for long has been the forerunner in safety research. Its vehicles have unbelievable crash test scores to prove it. Recently, this brand that improved its offerings by designing vehicle that offers generous amounts of performance and style. The AB Volvo, the Swedish builder of commercial vehicles which includes the buses, trucks, and construction equipment. Apart from this, it also supplies aerospace components, marine and industrial drive systems, and financial services.

Although, this company was incorporated in 1927, it was first the subsidiary of AB SKF who was a Swedish ball bearing manufacturer. Recently, the Volvo group has restructured its truck business and has launched a new organization. It is important that this new organization utilizes the global potential of products and brands within the truck operations. For example, it is good to organize the sales and the marketing division of all the truck companies under 3 regional organizational units, and everything comes under the direct supervision of the CEO.