Why was the Yamaha RD 350 discontinued in India?

The Yamaha RD 350 didn’t go well with Indian customers due to its high power and lead to poor sales. But still, it was the most loved bike in Indian bike history.

Why isn’t Yamaha bringing back the RD 350 model?

The Yamaha RD 350 doesn’t fulfil the present emission norms due to its 2-stroke engine and also it was not that comfortable for long rides as compared to new models. That’s the reason behind not bringing back this model.

I want to buy Yamaha RX 100 but the resale price is expensive. Shall I buy this or go for any new sporty model?

Well, if you will buy this Yamaha RX 100 at high rates then you have to restore it completely to use it legally and it will need a big chunk of money.After that maintenance costs will also be too high. Hence, instead of buying an old Yamaha RX 100, you should go for any modern sporty bike.

When the new Yamaha RX 100 is going to launch?

The Yamaha RX 100 was discontinued due to government rules to decrease pollution. Its 2-stroke engine produces more smoke hence, legally it doesn’t come back with the same engine. However, the company can introduce it again by making the required changes.

Is the KTM RC 250 going to replace its RC 200 bike?

As the KTM RC 250 has not launched yet so, we can not assure you that KTM RC 200 is going to be replaced or not. Also, both are different cc bikes hence, it doesn’t seem to happen.

KTM already has Duke 250 so, will the RC 250 be similar to it?

The KTM Duke 250 is a naked body type bike available with 2 colour options whereas the KTM RC 250 is a sporty bike expected to come with 1 colour combination only. However, there are some similarities such as engine displacement, instrument console, pillion footrest and more.

Is there any update about the launch date of KTM RC 250?

As of now, we have not got any updates about the launch date of the KTM RC 250. But it is expected to come at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Will the new Yamaha R15 V4 come with USD forks?

It is most likely to come equipped with USD front forks as per the leaked pictures of the test mule. Yamaha has not confirmed any such update in the R15 V4 though.

It is being said that the Yamaha R15 V4 is getting engine updates. Is it true?

We haven’t heard about any engine update in the Yamaha R15 V4 yet. However, it is anticipated to come with some significant changes such as a single pod LED headlight with integrated LED DRLs and upside-down telescopic front forks as shown on the recently spied test mule on the road.

Should I wait for Yamaha R15 V4 or is it better to go with the R15 V3 model?

The launch date of the Yamaha R15 V4 has not been confirmed yet so if you are in need of a bike immediately then you can buy the R15 V3 model. The R15 V3 is also a good looking sporty bike loaded with plenty of mind-blowing features such as a slipper clutch, LED headlamp, VVA, side-stand engine cut-off sensor, and many more.

Is Yamaha launching the R15 V4 in India this year?

Yamaha has not officially announced the launch date of the R15 V4 but we can expect it to be unveiled later this year or early 2022. The expectations are high due to the recently spotted test mule because according to some reports it was the V4 version of the Yamaha R15.

Is Hero Karizma R still available in the Indian market?

No, it’s not available now. The Hero company has stopped the sale of Karizma R some time ago.

Is it a good idea to buy a used Hero Karizma R? Would spares be an issue?

At this moment, we can not recommend you to buy a used Hero Karizma R because spare parts are not easily available in the markets. Hence, you will be troubled while finding the spares later. You should buy the latest bike.

When was the Yamaha R15S discontinued in India?

Yamaha has discontinued the R15S in 2019. The bike was not equipped with a mandatory ABS safety feature. Also, there was a fall in sales due to the introduction of its other bikes. So, they made the decision of stopped it selling.

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