I wish to buy a used Yamaha R15S. Is it worthy to purchase? Is it suitable for females to sit on one side?

You can buy the second-hand Yamaha R15s but if you are looking for the footrest availability to make the pillion rider sit on one side then you have to install the aftermarket footrest because it’s not available with the bike.

Why did Honda stop selling the CBR150R in India?

The Honda CBR150R was not selling as expected in India. It was a power-packed bike in the 150cc bike segment but was out of the budget for Indian buyers because there were other bikes available in 150cc at lower prices than it. Hence, they stopped selling the bike.

Will new Honda CBR150R be launched with a new engine in India soon?

As of now, we haven’t heard any update related to engine displacement change in the upcoming Honda CBR150R. So, we will have to wait for more information.

I want to know if there are any spare part availability issues with the Honda CBR250R?

As far as we know, all of the Honda CBR250R’s spare parts are made in India. Hence, there is no issue of importing or else. However, you can contact the authorized dealer to check the availability.

Will Honda CBR250R BS6 Model be Introduced in India?

The Honda CBR250R has been discontinued in India owing to its poor sales and introduction of new emission standards. The company find it costly and worthless to launch the bike with BS6 norms. Hence, the relaunch of the Honda CBR250R seems difficult in India.

Why not go with the TVS Apache RTR 160? What are its flaws?

According to the user reviews we got for the TVS Apache RTR 160, it is a good bike and offers quality rides. However, some users complain about the vibration and mileage of the bike. But still, its pros outweigh the cons.

How suitable is the TVS Apache RTR 160 for someone who has only recently learned to ride a motorcycle?

The TVS Apache RTR 160 is good for beginners, but we also need to mention that it takes some time to learn a new bike properly. However, you can take a test ride before buying.

How is the handling and ride quality of the TVS Apache RTR 160 because the rear wheel is not wide?

As per the user reviews, the TVS Apache RTR 160 causes skidding on wet surfaces due to the lack of a wide rear wheel. There is some vibration at high speeds, but otherwise, the bike is good for city traffic.

What are the cons of the Yamaha FZ25?

Well, every bike has some pros and cons. However, after getting mixed reviews from the users, we can say that low power, the 5-speed gearbox, and the basic instrument console are some cons of the Yamaha FZ25.

Where can I buy Yamaha FZ25 body parts?

For purchasing genuine parts of Yamaha FZ25, we would suggest you contact the nearest authorised service centre.

Is the Yamaha FZ25 body made from metal only or is plastic also used?

The Yamaha FZ25 has both plastic and metal parts. You can check by visiting the nearest dealership for a better understanding.

Can I install an ABS system in the 2017 Yamaha FZ?

ABS is a complex feature that requires specific equipment and abilities to install. Furthermore, external ABS may or may not function as expected, putting you, your pillion, and the vehicle/bike at risk. Also, rather than wasting a big chunk of money by installing ABS on an old Yamaha FZ, we would recommend you buy a new bike with the ABS feature.

Why was the Yamaha Fazer 250 discontinued?

The Yamaha Fazer 250 was discontinued due to the implementation of BS6 norms in India, and the company also wanted to focus only on premium bikes rather than update the commuting bikes according to new norms.

Is the Ducati Panigale V2 worth buying for daily commuting?

For daily commuting, we can not recommend purchasing a Ducati Panigale V2. If you are a supersport bike lover, then you can definitely buy it, but not for daily commuting.

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