Royal Enfield to Revamp Its Classic Series with Exciting New Models

Royal Enfield to Revamp Its Classic Series with Exciting New Models

Royal Enfield is gearing up for a significant update in its motorcycle lineup this year, focusing on the beloved Classic series. Our sources at Autocar Professional have shared that the company plans to introduce a refreshed Classic 350 along with its 350cc counterparts, and an all-new Classic 650.

What’s New in the Classic Series?

The Classic 350, a fan favorite, will receive its first major update since transitioning to the new generation J platform. This update will also extend to its sibling models like the Bullet, Hunter, and Meteor, which are part of the 350cc family. These changes are expected to enhance performance and offer a fresh look while keeping the nostalgic charm of the bikes.

In a bold expansion move, Royal Enfield will also introduce the Classic 650. Positioned above the well-known Interceptor 650 but below the upcoming Shotgun 650, the Classic 650 is set to be the largest model in the Classic lineup. This new addition is eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts looking for a blend of classic styling and more powerful performance.

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Classic 350

Ambitious Sales Goals and Expansion Plans

This year, Royal Enfield has set an ambitious target of crossing 1 million unit sales for the first time. To support this goal, the company is planning to introduce 6-9 new models by FY25, marking the most aggressive product launch phase in its history.

Investing in Growth and Innovation

Royal Enfield is not just expanding its product line but also enhancing its research and development capabilities. The company has earmarked an investment of Rs 1200 crore to Rs 1400 crore for the current financial year. These funds will be used to boost the product portfolio, R&D efforts, and other critical areas to maintain its dominance in the Indian market.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Beyond motorcycles, Royal Enfield is focusing on enriching the overall ownership experience. This includes offering branded apparels and accessories, an assured buyback program, and a well-supported used vehicle program called ReOwn. Furthermore, the company has ventured into the rental space to make sure enthusiasts around the world can experience the Royal Enfield brand.

Market Performance and Global Outreach

Royal Enfield continues to hold a significant share in the Indian motorcycle market, despite new global competitors like Harley Davidson and Triumph entering the fray. Last year, the company achieved an 88 percent market share in the 250 - 800 cc segment. On the global front, Royal Enfield is focusing on increasing its international sales, targeting 75,000 to 90,000 units this year, following some challenges in the previous financial year.

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Most Popular Answers for Royal Enfield Classic 350
Does the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Dark Gunmetal Grey version come with any special features or accessories?
2023-09-14 05:25:28 AM

Depending on the specific model year and edition, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Dark Gunmetal Grey variant may include unique styling elements or limited-edition accessories. It's advisable to check with the dealership for the latest features.

Is the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Dark Gunmetal Grey version available in both single-channel and dual-channel ABS variants?
2023-09-14 05:24:32 AM

Yes, Royal Enfield typically offers the Dark Gunmetal Grey color option in both single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS variants, providing riders with safety choices.

Is the engine the same as the previous classic 350? Does it come in tubeless tyres and what about the vibration?
2023-09-13 04:19:52 AM

Royal Enfield Classic 350 is equipped with a 349cc single-cylinder, air-cooled that generates a max power of 20.4PS @ 6,100rpm and a max torque of 27Nm @ 4,000rpm. It is equipped with Tubeless tyres. Holding on to high speeds was never supposed to be the Classic’s forte. This bike’s sweet spot is between 80 and 90kmph, where this motor is just purring. In fact, it feels more comfortable at these speeds than the old Classic felt at 60kmph. Moreover, we would suggest you take a test ride before making the final decision.

Can I Ride Royal Enfield Classic 350 Daily 100 Kilometres?
2023-09-13 04:19:13 AM

Yes, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a comfortable cruiser and also, and the seat itself is also shaped differently: it’s not sprung and the foam is firmer. This makes the riding position actually a lot more comfortable now. Pillions will appreciate the comfortable and spacious rear seat too, which comes as standard. It’s soft enough, but not so soft that you sink into it and your backside starts complaining.

What documents are needed to buy the Enfield Classic 350 on EMI?
2023-09-13 04:18:20 AM

Generally, the documents required while purchasing a vehicle are proof of identity (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, etc.), proof of address (driver's license, electricity bill, etc.), and income proof (bank statement, salary certificate, etc. Moreover, we would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized dealership for more information.