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How is the performance of Hero Photon on rainy roads?
12 January 2023 23:50

The Hero Photon is designed to be an all-weather vehicle. It has a waterproof design, an IP67 rating, and an all-weather sealant system. It is also equipped with a special traction control feature that prevents slippage on wet roads, providing a safer driving experience. Additionally, the Photon has an advanced battery system that is designed to maintain its charge even in extreme weather conditions. This ensures that the performance of the vehicle remains consistent regardless of the weather.

Is license and registration required for Hero Photon?
12 January 2023 23:49

Yes, license and registration are required for Hero Photon. In certain states, you may need to register your electric bike with the Department of Motor Vehicles to legally ride it on public roads. Additionally, you may need a driver’s license to operate your electric bike on public roads. Please check with your local DMV for the specific license and registration requirements in your state.

What is the range of Hero Photon on full charge?
12 January 2023 23:47

The range of the Hero Photon on a full charge is said to be up to 80 km. It has been designed to offer a range of up to 100 km on a single charge when ridden in Eco mode with a battery capacity of 1.5 kW-hr. The range can also be extended further with the use of regenerative braking.

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