Triumph Dealer Overcharging For Speed 400 - Rs 3.39 Lakhs On-Road

Triumph Dealer Overcharging For Speed 400 - Rs 3.39 Lakhs On-Road

Triumph and Bajaj Auto recently launched the Speed 400, a new middleweight naked bike. The bike is priced at Rs 2.33 lakh, but the first 10,000 customers will get it at a discounted price of Rs 2.23 lakh. Triumph has also unveiled the Scrambler 400X, a scrambler version of the Speed 400, which will go on sale later this year.

Triumph has surprised everyone with its aggressive pricing strategy for the Speed 400. This is the most formidable challenge Royal Enfield has faced in recent years. According to sources, there have been several queries for the Speed 400, even from areas where Triumph does not already have a dealership.

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A viral tweet purporting to be from a Triumph dealership in Bengaluru lists the Speed 400's on-road price at Rs 3,38,598. The post is difficult to verify, but if it is genuine, it suggests that the dealership is charging more than a lakh rupees over the ex-showroom price of Rs 2.33 lakh.

Some of the charges mentioned in the cost break-up are necessary, such as road tax, registration and RTO charges, RSA, and insurance. However, there are some charges that seem excessive. For example, the delivery charge is listed at Rs 17,000, and the intro kit cost is listed at Rs 8,500. These charges raise the possibility that dealerships are inflating the Triumph Speed 400's on-road price.

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Triumph has responded to the viral post that claims the overcharging for the Speed 400. The business stated that it is looking into the matter. The on-road price of a motorcycle can vary from state to state, depending on the local taxes and fees. Regarding the Triumph Speed 400, delivery charges will also vary based on the customer's location. Triumph will be releasing the official on-road price of the bike very soon.

Triumph is working on expanding the dealership network to simplify the buying experience. They are aiming for 15 new outlets by month-end, 50 in the next 2 months, and 100 by March 2024.

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2023-09-22 04:44:17 AM

 Yes, when you buy a Bajaj Dominar 400 ABS, they promise to take care of it if anything goes wrong for a certain period. This means if there are problems that are not your fault, they will help fix them or make things right during that time. It is like having a safety feature for your bike. The exact details of the warranty such as how long it lasts and what it covers, can vary according to the location or region, so it is important to check the warranty terms from Bajaj company or the dealership when you are thinking about buying the bike.

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Can I use the Bajaj Dominar 400 ABS bike for long rides?
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Yes, you can use the Bajaj Dominar 400 ABS bike for long rides. It is a comfortable bike designed for extended journeys which means it won't make you feel tired or uncomfortable even if you are riding for a long time. If you want to take a road trip or simply commute over long distances this bike is up to the task. 

What is the minimum down payment for the Bajaj Dominar 400 ABS?
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If you are planning to buy a new bike on finance, then generally, a 10 to 30 percent down payment is required on the on-road price of a vehicle. However, exact confirmation regarding EMI, down payment, zero percent interest, loan period, and its procedure will be discussed by the bank or dealership only, as it depends upon the individual's eligibility.

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