Maruti Brezza Achieves Milestone: Over 1 Million Units Sold

Maruti Brezza Achieves Milestone: Over 1 Million Units Sold

Eight months after achieving cumulative sales of 9 lakh units, the Maruti Brezza has successfully surpassed the significant milestone of 10 lakh, marking a million-unit sales achievement in India. This accomplishment for the Brezza originally launched as the Vitara Brezza, took 94 months, or seven years and eight months, from its initial launch in March 2016 to early December 2023.

Brezza Overtakes Tata Nexon as the Bestselling SUV in FY2024

This remarkable feat positions the Maruti Brezza as the bestselling SUV in the fiscal year 2024, surpassing competitors like the Tata Nexon and the addition of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) variant to the lineup this year played a pivotal role in boosting the Brezza's sales figures.

Brezza Reaches the 1 Million Sales Milestone

From its launch in March 2016 to the end of November 2023, the Maruti Brezza is estimated to have sold 9,96,608 units, merely 3,392 units away from crossing the million-unit mark, which it likely achieved in the first week of December 2023. In the period from April to November this year alone, the Brezza is estimated to have sold 1,11,371 units, maintaining an average monthly sales figure of 13,921 units, translating to 3,480 units per week or 497 units every day.

Potential Record-Breaking Year for Brezza

If the compact SUV sustains the same sales momentum in the remaining four months of the fiscal year 2024, it could potentially reach an estimated 1,67,055 units. This would mark the highest sales for this model in a fiscal year, surpassing the previous record of 1,57,880 units achieved in FY2019.

Impact of CNG Variant on Sales

The introduction of the CNG variant in March of this year played a crucial role in accelerating Brezza's sales. Prior to this addition, the Brezza had experienced a decline in market share against its key competitor, the Tata Nexon, which held the title of India's bestselling SUV in FY2022 and FY2023.

Brezza Leads SUV Sales in FY2024

Intriguingly, the Maruti Brezza's sales performance in the first eight months of FY2024 positions it as the bestselling SUV in India, outpacing the Tata Nexon by 593 units. During this period, the Tata Nexon recorded an estimated 1,10,778 units in sales. Only two other SUVs managed to surpass the 1,00,000-unit mark in the April-November 2023 period – the Hyundai Creta with 1,08,584 units and the Tata Punch with 1,02,326 units.

This accomplishment highlights how the Maruti Brezza has maintained its market domination and popularity in the very competitive SUV class securing its place as the car of choice for Indian consumers.