Maruti Brezza Prices in India Receive a Hike!

Maruti Brezza Prices in India Receive a Hike!

In response to market dynamics, Maruti Suzuki has implemented a price adjustment for its popular SUV, the Brezza. This change, effective from the beginning of the year, has seen modifications in the pricing structure. Let's delve into the details of these revisions and their impact on the pricing landscape of the Brezza.

Across-the-Board Hikes

Maruti Brezza prices have experienced an upward revision, with increases of up to Rs 10,000 for variants like ZXi, ZXi dual-tone, ZXi CNG, ZXi CNG dual-tone, ZXi+, and ZXi+ dual-tone.

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Maruti Brezza

Unchanged Variants

Not all variants witness a change in pricing. ZXi AT, ZXi AT dual-tone, ZXi+ AT, and ZXi+ AT dual-tone remain unaffected by the latest adjustments.

Uniform Changes and an Exception

The LXi, LXi CNG, VXi, and VXi CNG variants see a consistent price hike of Rs 5,000. Interestingly, the VXi AT variant bucks the trend with a noteworthy reduction of Rs 5,000.

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New Price Range

With these revisions, the Maruti Brezza's price spectrum now starts at Rs 8.34 lakh and goes up to Rs 14.14 lakh (ex-showroom).

Dual Powertrain Options

Continuing its trend, the Maruti Brezza maintains its offering with both petrol and CNG powertrains, providing consumers with versatile choices.

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Maruti Suzuki's decision to adjust the prices of the Brezza underscores its strategy to navigate market fluctuations. While certain variants see increments, the brand has introduced an unexpected reduction in one variant, possibly aiming to enhance its appeal. As the Brezza continues to be offered with a diverse set of features and powertrain options, these price changes aim to strike a balance between affordability and competitiveness in the SUV segment.