Here's How You Can Book the New Hero-Harley X440 in India

Here's How You Can Book the New Hero-Harley X440 in India

Hero MotoCorp recently launched the most affordable Harley-Davidson X440 in India. It is available in three variants, with a starting price of ?2.29 lakhs and a top-end price of ?2.69 lakhs. If you are interested in booking the bike, here are two ways you can do it:

First Way To Book The New Hero-Harley X440 In India

The simplest approach to reserve a Harley X440 is to go to the official website. The webpage has all of the bike specifications. By Clicking on the "Book Now" button the booking process will start. In the booking process, you will need to select your state and city, followed by the variant and colour you would like to have. 

Once done, you can choose the nearest dealer and then pay a booking amount of ?5,000. In the event of a cancellation, this payment is 100% refundable. Once the booking process is completed, you will receive a booking number. You will need to show this booking number during the registration process of the bike. The deliveries of the Harley X440 will commence in October.

Second Way To Book The New Hero-Harley X440 In India

You can also book a Harley X440 by calling up the nearest Big Hero MotoCorp dealership in your city. Only a few Hero dealerships are currently authorised to sell the new X440. Once you have called the dealership, they will confirm if they have the bike in stock and if they are accepting bookings. If they are, you can either visit the dealership to book the bike or wire transfer ?5,000 after selecting your variant and colour.

If you visit the dealership, you will need to pay the booking amount in cash or by card. You will also need to provide your contact information and other details. The dealership will then give you a booking receipt along with the booking number. If you wire transfer the booking amount, you will need to provide the dealership with your bank details and the booking number. The dealership will then confirm the booking and send you a booking receipt.

The dealership will contact you as the delivery timeline gets closer. They will let you know when the bike is available for delivery and when you can come to pick it up.


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