Volkswagen Evaluating GTI Models for Indian Market

Volkswagen Evaluating GTI Models for Indian Market

Excitement amongst vehicle fans has been generated by Volkswagen's consideration of bringing its historic GTI brand to the Indian market. The GTI brand is synonymous with high-performance hot hatchbacks that provide an ideal balance between everyday practicality and sports car-like performance. The Polo GTI, introduced in limited numbers in India in 2016, continues to enjoy a strong following and commands exceptional resale values in the used car market. Encouraged by this response, Volkswagen is evaluating the possibility of relaunching the GTI in India, albeit in limited numbers as a CBU (Completely Built Unit).

Evaluating the Models

Polo GTI or Golf GTI While Volkswagen has not specified whether it plans to reintroduce the Polo GTI or the Golf GTI, both models are being evaluated for the Indian market. The Polo GTI, based on the sixth-generation Polo, boasts a 207hp, 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine that propels it from 0-100kph in just 6.5 seconds. On the other hand, the Golf GTI, a larger car with the same engine, delivers 245hp and accelerates from 0-100kph in 6.4 seconds, approximately thirty percent more expensive than the Polo GTI in international markets.

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Limited Availability and Aspirational Quotient 

Volkswagen plans to import the GTI models as CBUs, which will attract higher duties, limiting their availability to around 200 units per batch. Even though these models might be out of reach for most people, they contribute to raising the desirable value of the Volkswagen brand in India. Bringing back the GTI brand is thought to be a tactic to improve the company's reputation and indirectly increase sales of its more reasonably priced products.

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Timeline and Future Plans

Although a concrete timeline for the reintroduction of the GTI brand in India has not been shared, Volkswagen's focus for FY 2024-25 will be on launching the all-electric ID.4, ruling out the possibility of the GTI arriving before April 2025. The possible reintroduction of the GTI in India, in spite of the extra time, is evidence of Volkswagen's dedication to serving the automobile collecting community and providing interesting items in the Indian market.

Volkswagen recognizes the needs of the supporters market and is prepared to offer high-performance, aspirational automobiles as seen by their assessment of restoring the GTI brand in India. The possibility of the GTI returning, even though the exact version and release date are still unknown, is guaranteed to excite Indian car fans and strengthen Volkswagen's position in the nation.

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Volkswagen Cross Polo is one of the most popular cars in the market and it comes with an incredibly affordable service and maintenance cost. The car is designed with quality in mind and the company provides free service and maintenance for the duration of the warranty period. Each service is due in either 12 months or 15000 km, whichever is earlier, and it is recommended to change engine oil and all types of filters used in each service. This usually costs around 8500 per service including service charge. After every 24 months, it is also recommended to change clutch and brake fluid for better performance. 
All in all, maintenance cost for Cross Polo for 5 years estimates to be about 44,000. With its reasonably priced products and numerous sales and service outlets all over the nation, Volkswagen does not leave its customers in the dark when it comes to mechanic issues. With its reliable products, and affordable service and maintenance cost, it stands as a potential market leader in the four-wheeler segment.
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