Tata Punch EV's Real-World Range Finally Unveiled

Tata Punch EV's Real-World Range Finally Unveiled

The Tata Punch EV, Tata's latest electric vehicle offering, has undergone a real-world range test to gauge its performance outside of laboratory conditions. Built on Tata's second-generation architecture, the Punch EV promises improved space efficiency and a notable driving range of 421 km on a full charge according to Tata's claims. However, the actual performance measured in a real-world setting provides valuable insights for potential buyers.

Real-World Performance Test

During the comprehensive range test, the Tata Punch EV was started in the City drive mode with braking energy regeneration set at level one. The air conditioning was maintained between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius throughout the test, which consisted of a mix of city driving and highway travel. Under these conditions, the Punch EV was able to travel 259.8 km before the battery was completely drained and the vehicle could no longer move under its own power.

Tata Punch EV's Real-World Range Finally Unveiled - angle
Tata Punch EV

Key Observations

  1. Limp Mode Activation: The Tata Punch EV enters limp mode when the battery level falls to 10%. In this mode, the power output is reduced, and the maximum speed is limited to approximately 55 km/h. This feature is crucial for conserving the remaining battery power and extending the range as much as possible under low battery conditions.
  2. Air Conditioning Efficiency: Interestingly, the air conditioning system remained effective until the battery level dropped to 7%, ensuring comfort for the occupants even when the battery was nearly depleted.
  3. Range Achievement: The most critical observation from the test was that the Punch EV achieved only 61% of its claimed range of 421 km under real-world conditions. This result highlights a significant disparity between the manufacturer’s claims and what consumers can expect during typical usage.
Tata Punch EV's Real-World Range Finally Unveiled - closeup

Pricing and Variants

The top-spec Empowered variant of the Punch EV, which was tested for range, is priced at Rs. 15.49 lakh (ex-showroom). This places it in a competitive position within the EV market, particularly for those looking for a compact SUV with electric propulsion.

The real-world test of the Tata Punch EV provides crucial insights into the practical usability of the vehicle, particularly in terms of range and efficiency. While the Punch EV offers a respectable range for city commuting, buyers should consider the variance from the claimed range when planning longer journeys. As more consumers transition to electric vehicles, such real-world tests become essential for setting realistic expectations and making informed purchasing decisions.