Tata Nexon EV Unleashes Generous Discounts

Tata Nexon EV Unleashes Generous Discounts


Tata Motors is orchestrating a celebration of savings this December, gifting prospective electric vehicle enthusiasts an extraordinary offer on the coveted Nexon EV. As the curtains rise on December 2023, the automotive landscape is set ablaze with news of monumental discounts, reaching up to a staggering Rs. 2.70 lakh across the entire Nexon EV range. This beckons an auspicious juncture for individuals contemplating the leap into the realm of electric mobility.

I. Unmatched Affordability and Extended Promotional Duration

The Nexon EV, with its enticing starting price of Rs. 14.74 lakh in India, now becomes an even more irresistible prospect with the extension of these unprecedented discounts until the conclusion of December. It's important to note that this exclusive offer is not uniformly available across all outlets but can be availed at select Tata Motors dealerships. The promotional umbrella encompasses both the avant-garde latest model and the preceding generation, inclusive of the Max and Prime variants.

II. Alluring Discounts on Previous Generation Marvels

For those contemplating the pre-facelift Tata Nexon EV Max, the allure lies in a substantial cash discount of up to Rs. 2.20 lakh, complemented by an enticing exchange bonus of Rs. 50,000. Simultaneously, the previous-generation model donning the Prime variant dons a commendable cash discount of up to Rs. 1.50 lakh, seamlessly paired with an exchange bonus of Rs. 50,000.

III. Groundbreaking Incentives for the New Generation Tata Nexon EV

Breaking new ground, the latest iteration of the Tata Nexon EV steps into the discount arena, bearing a noteworthy cash discount of Rs. 35,000. This marks a historic juncture, as these are the first-ever discounts introduced for this electric sub-four-metre SUV. With a versatile lineup boasting six variants and an expansive palette of seven colors, the new Nexon EV positions itself competitively, with prices starting from Rs. 14.74 lakh (ex-showroom).

IV. Comprehensive Exploration Through Our Illuminating Live Review

For those yearning for a deeper understanding of this enticing model, our live review on the website provides an extensive and insightful overview. Don't allow this golden opportunity to slip through your grasp – seize the moment to make the Nexon EV yours and revel in the myriad benefits of cutting-edge electric vehicle technology. Embrace the future of mobility with open arms, backed by these unparalleled discounts that redefine the landscape of electric vehicle ownership.