Renault Duster’s New Model Leaked Before the Official Unveiling

Renault Duster’s New Model Leaked Before the Official Unveiling

Renault is gearing up for a significant debut in the Indian market with the highly expected arrival of the all-new Renault Duster towards the end of this year. Following a previous leak that gave an early look at the functionality and design of the next model, this announcement was made. The new Renault Duster closely follows the footsteps of its counterpart, the Dacia Duster, which made its debut last November. As expected, the Indian version of the Duster maintains the same design language, features, and layout as its international sibling.

Design and Features

Renault Duster’s New Model Leaked Before the Official Unveiling - photograph
Renault Duster Front View

The leaked images of the new Renault Duster showcase its commanding presence, characterized by a robust stance, oversized wheels, and a distinctive double-stack grille complemented by sleek headlamps. The distinctive design of the Duster is still reflected in its features which have been updated to reflect modern tastes while maintaining the rugged character that fans have grown to appreciate. Its strongly sculpted trunk door and triangle tail lamps at the back enhance the car's overall appearance. Inside the cabin, the familiarity continues with a dual digital display setup, a sporty three-spoke steering wheel, and a tastefully designed interior featuring a combination of grey and black hues. The stacked center console houses various controls and infotainment features ensuring a smooth driving experience for occupants.

Engine Options

Renault Duster’s New Model Leaked Before the Official Unveiling - closeup
Renault Duster Rear 3-Quarter View

The new Renault Duster will offer customers a choice of three petrol engine variants to cater to different preferences and driving requirements. The first option is a 1.6-liter petrol engine paired with an automatic gearbox and two electric motors, delivering a respectable output of 140bhp/148Nm and an impressive mileage of 24.5 km per liter. For those seeking a more eco-friendly option, there's a mild-hybrid 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol engine equipped with a 48V electric motor. This version boasts cutting-edge 4X4 technology with many driving modes to tackle a range of terrains and its output varies from 110 to 160 horsepower. Customers can select between a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission based on their preferences and driving style. A three-cylinder turbocharged petrol/LPG engine combined with a six-speed manual transmission is the third engine choice that is also available, albeit it is unlikely to be sold in the Indian market.

Launch Details

The all-new Renault Duster is expected to debut in India in late 2024, marking the beginning of a series of major launches from the alliance. Following its introduction, Renault enthusiasts can look forward to the arrival of its Nissan counterpart, with plans for a three-row version based on the Dacia Jogger platform also in the pipeline. 

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