Introducing the New Renault Duster Pickup Truck: Scorpio X's Upcoming Rival

Introducing the New Renault Duster Pickup Truck: Scorpio X's Upcoming Rival

The Renault Duster, a widely respected SUV in the automotive world, is set to get a new pickup truck variant. Dubbed the Renault Duster Oroch, this 4-door pickup version is developed by Renault Technologie Roumanie and was first showcased at the Sao Paulo Motor Show in 2014. With the unveiling of the all-new generation Duster, a new Duster Oroch pickup truck has been digitally rendered offering a glimpse into what the next-generation model could look like.

Design and Features

The render of the new Duster Oroch pickup truck by Kolesa from Russia imagines the vehicle as a Renault, making it more relevant to the Indian market. The front fascia is dominated by a prominent black plaque with RENAULT lettering, similar to the design elements seen in the Turkey-spec Renault Duster. The side profile remains identical to the Duster SUV, with the C-pillar mounted rear door handle, while everything behind the C-pillar is entirely new, featuring a practical truck bed.

Introducing the New Renault Duster Pickup Truck: Scorpio X's Upcoming Rival - top
Renault Duster Pickup Truck

Dimensions and Utility

Unlike the larger pickup trucks in India, such as the Tata Xenon XT, Mahindra Scorpio Getaway, Isuzu V-Cross, and Toyota Hilux, the Duster Oroch is a smaller vehicle with a length of just 4.7 meters. The Oroch's truck bed is not physically separated from the cabin, similar to the Hyundai Santa Cruz, but still offers the added practicality and utility of a pickup truck. The rear design is rugged-looking, with the same tail lights as the regular Duster connected by a black plaque.

Powertrain Options

The new Duster Oroch is likely to be powered by either 1.6L petrol or 2.0L petrol engines with optional AWD. In the Indian market, Renault currently offers a 1.0L 3-cylinder engine in either 71 bhp naturally aspirated or 99 bhp turbo versions. The new Renault Duster in Turkey gets a 1.0L 3-cylinder 100 bhp engine, along with 1.2L mild hybrid and 1.6L hybrid powertrains. The powertrain options for the Oroch in India are yet to be confirmed.

Market Positioning and Rivals

When launched in India, the new Renault Duster Oroch pickup truck could be a perfect rival to the upcoming Mahindra Scorpio X pickup. Its compact size, combined with the utility of a pickup truck, could make it an attractive option for those looking for a versatile and practical vehicle.

The new Renault Duster Oroch pickup truck render showcases a promising addition to the compact pickup truck segment in India. With its rugged design, practical features, and potential for efficient powertrains, the Oroch could be a strong contender against the likes of the upcoming Mahindra Scorpio X.