Kia Clavis Upgrades: Panoramic Sunroof and ADAS Features

Kia Clavis Upgrades: Panoramic Sunroof and ADAS Features

Kia is poised to expand its SUV lineup in India with the upcoming introduction of the Kia Clavis, strategically positioned between the smaller Sonet and the larger Seltos. Some important details about this new compact SUV have been revealed by recent spy photos taken in Hyderabad.

Kia Clavis Design and Styling

Kia Clavis Upgrades: Panoramic Sunroof and ADAS Features - right
Kia Clavis Front View

The Clavis sports a robust, boxy silhouette with a pronounced upright stance enhancing its road presence. The wheels are pushed out, adding to its rugged appearance which is one of its distinctive qualities. A panoramic sunroof, roof rails, and an innovative all-LED lighting system are some of the contemporary features that define the vehicle's external design. The signature vertically-positioned LED DRLs align with the contemporary design language of Kia’s SUV family.

Kia Clavis Upgrades: Panoramic Sunroof and ADAS Features - bottom
Kia Clavis Sunroof

Advanced Safety Features

A notable inclusion, evident from the latest spy images, is the radar module at the front of the Clavis, indicating the incorporation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The SUV is also expected to be equipped with front parking sensors, six airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), a 360-degree camera, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and rear disc brakes ensuring a comprehensive safety package.

Interior and Comfort Features

Inside, the Clavis promises a premium cabin experience reminiscent of the Seltos, with a seamless integration of a digital instrument display and a large infotainment touchscreen—both expected to be 10.25-inch units. Other confirmed interior features include high-quality diamond-cut alloy wheels, likely 16-inch, wrapped in MRF tyres, although specific tyre dimensions are still under wraps.

Kia Clavis Upgrades: Panoramic Sunroof and ADAS Features - side
Kia Clavis 

Creature Comforts and Technology

Kia aims to set a high standard in the segment with expected top-tier features such as ventilated and powered front seats, selectable drive and traction modes, sophisticated climate control, plush leatherette upholstery, and a high-fidelity Bose audio system, making the Clavis a leader in its class for comfort and technology.

Kia Clavis Upgrades: Panoramic Sunroof and ADAS Features - front
Kia Clavis Rear View

Engine and Performance

The Clavis will offer a choice between petrol and electric powertrains, with the electric variant anticipated to debut approximately six months following the ICE model’s launch. While a hybrid option may emerge later, all versions will feature front-wheel drive and this multi-powertrain strategy will cater to a diverse range of customer preferences and driving needs.

Launch and Pricing

The launch timeline for the Kia Clavis is set with the petrol variant expected to debut by the end of this year and hitting the markets early next year. The electric version is slated for a mid-2025 release. While specifically tailored for the Indian market, Kia also plans to export a number of units. Pricing details suggest a slight premium over the Sonet, reflecting the Clavis's enhanced features and capabilities, yet the SUV will remain competitively priced due to significant local manufacturing.