Hyundai Set to Begin Creta EV Production by the End of 2024

Hyundai Set to Begin Creta EV Production by the End of 2024

Hyundai is vigorously testing the Creta EV, with multiple sightings in recent months. We can now confirm that the Hyundai Creta EV is set to debut in India before its main competitor, the Maruti Suzuki eVX, potentially gaining a significant market advantage.

Launch Strategy and Production Plans

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Hyundai Creta EV 

Hyundai Motor India has announced its intention to commence mass production of the Creta EV at its Chennai facility by year's end, with a global debut slated for 2025. In contrast, the launch of Maruti Suzuki's eVX SUV is expected to face a delay, shifting from September 2024 to at least February 2025. This timeline suggests that Hyundai's inaugural mass-market EV will reach Indian consumers ahead of Maruti's offering.

Technical Specifications and Performance

The Creta EV is equipped with a 45kWh battery pack, which is slightly smaller than those found in the MG ZS EV (50.3kWh) and the anticipated Maruti eVX (48-60kWh). Sources indicate that the Creta EV will adopt the electric motor from the entry-level new-gen Kona EV, featuring a front-mounted setup capable of delivering 138hp and 255Nm of torque. Similar to the Kona Electric, a charging port situated on the nose was also visible in recent spy photographs.

Design and Features

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Hyundai Creta EV Front Vew

While retaining the core design of the ICE-powered Creta, the EV version introduces unique elements such as a closed-off grille, redesigned bumpers, and aerodynamically optimized alloy wheels. The interior will see updates including a new three-spoke steering wheel and a revamped center console. The twin-screen setup for the infotainment and instrument cluster is expected to remain, supplemented by new features and Hyundai's Level 2 ADAS suite. The Creta EV will compete not only with the Maruti eVX but also with the MG ZS EV and the forthcoming Tata Curvv EV.

Strategic Partnerships and Future Plans

Hyundai recently formed a partnership with Exide Industries to localize cell and battery production, aiming to enhance local value addition and set competitive pricing for its EVs in India. According to Autocar Professional, the Creta EV will be followed by a mass-market compact EV in 2026, though details remain scarce. In keeping with its overall emphasis on electrification, Hyundai is also thinking about launching hybrid cars.

With the use of cutting-edge technology and shrewd business alliances Hyundai is demonstrating its resolve to forge a solid presence in the electric vehicle market and provide Indian customers with attractive and reasonably priced electric cars.