Hyundai Creta EV: 2024 Facelift and New Alloys Spotted

Hyundai Creta EV: 2024 Facelift and New Alloys Spotted

Earlier this month, Hyundai had launched the new 2024 Creta facelift at a starting price of Rs 10.99 lakh. Hyundai is also working on the electric version of Creta, which is expected to be launched later this year. Creta EV will have EV-specific changes such as the closed-off grille. Front and rear bumper could be refreshed slightly, in line with the SUV’s electric underpinnings. Some EV-specific branding elements are likely across the front, side and rear. One can also notice that Creta EV has a new set of alloy wheels. They have grooved surfaces, something similar to that of alloy wheels with aero inserts used with the new Nexon EV facelift. The alloys not only complement Creta’s sporty profile, but are also likely to have aerodynamic properties. In terms of size, the alloys for Creta EV could be 17-inch or 18-inch units.

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Hyundai Creta EV
  1. Exterior Facelift: The camouflage on the test model indicates significant changes to the exterior design of the Hyundai Creta. Spy shots reveal a revised front fascia, with a redesigned grille and updated headlights.
  2. 2024 Creta EV: Electrification Advancements: Beyond the visual changes, the 2024 Hyundai Creta is expected to embrace advancements in electrification technology. The prototype spotted on the roads is believed to be an electric variant, aligning with the industry-wide shift towards electric mobility.
  3. Interior Upgrades and Technological Advancements: While the spy shots primarily capture the exterior changes, it's reasonable to expect that Hyundai will introduce interior upgrades and technological advancements in the 2024 Creta.On the inside, Hyundai Creta EV will have most of the features available with the new Creta facelift. Some of the key highlights include seamlessly integrated infotainment and instrument cluster screen, front row ventilated seats, voice enabled smart panoramic sunroof, 8-way power adjustable driver seat, dual-zone automatic temperature control and Bose premium sound system with 8 speakers. Some premium features could be borrowed from Ioniq 5 as well.
  4. New Alloy Wheels: Aesthetic and Performance Upgrade: One of the standout features spotted on the test model is a set of new alloy wheels. Alloy wheels not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle but also play a crucial role in enhancing performance.
  5. Performance and Range: The electric variant of the 2024 Hyundai Creta is likely to come equipped with an advanced electric powertrain, offering impressive performance and range. Potential buyers can anticipate not only a reduction in carbon emissions but also a competitive range that aligns with the growing expectations of electric vehicle enthusiasts.
  6. Charging Infrastructure and Fast Charging Capabilities: The 2024 Creta EV may feature fast-charging capabilities, allowing owners to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently. The integration of Hyundai's BlueLink technology could further enhance the user experience by providing real-time information on charging stations and battery status.
  7. Anticipated Launch and Pricing: While the spy shots indicate that the 2024 Hyundai Creta EV is in the advanced stages of testing, details about the official launch date and pricing are yet to be officially disclosed by the manufacturer.
  8. Consumer Expectations and Feedback: The anticipation surrounding the 2024 Hyundai Creta EV facelift reflects the evolving expectations of consumers in the SUV and electric vehicle segments. Potential buyers are likely to express their preferences for a balance between style, performance, and eco-friendly attributes. Hyundai's responsiveness to consumer feedback, as evidenced by the design updates and electrification initiatives, is expected to resonate positively with a diverse audience.
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Creta EV

Creta EV will be equipped with a 45-kWh battery pack. Hyundai will be sourcing the battery packs from LG Chem. Some of the rivals have larger battery packs such as a 50.3 kWh unit in use with MG ZS EV. Upcoming Maruti eVX is expected to have a 48 to 60 kWh battery pack. Nexon EV long range variant has a smaller 40.5 kWh battery pack. While the certified range of Creta EV could be around 450 km, real-world range could be approximately 250-300 km. Hyundai Creta EV will be borrowing the electric motor from the new-gen Kona EV sold in international markets. To be mounted on the front axle, the motor will generate 138 hp of max power and 255 Nm of peak torque. More details such as the top speed, acceleration, charging time, etc. are yet to be revealed.