Goa to Mandate All New Tourist Vehicles to be Electric from 2024

Goa to Mandate All New Tourist Vehicles to be Electric from 2024

The government of Goa has announced that all new tourist vehicles, cabs, and two-wheelers provided on rent in the state will be required to be electric starting from January 2024. This is a significant move by the government to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Goa. The state currently ranks fourth among Indian states in terms of the percentage of EVs purchased.

The decision to shift to electric tourist vehicles is driven by the pressing concern of rising carbon emissions in Goa. The state receives over 85 lakh tourists every year. A large number of taxis, rental vehicles, and buses that run on the roads contribute to air pollution. By mandating that all new tourist vehicles be electric, the government aims to mitigate its carbon footprint, and this will promote eco-friendly tourism practices.

The move is also expected to boost the local EV industry. Goa already has a number of EV manufacturers and startups. And the new policy is expected to create more jobs and investment opportunities in the sector. But the plan has also raised concerns about whether the state's infrastructure is ready to accommodate the significant influx of EVs. The state currently has a limited number of charging stations, and there is a lack of trained technicians to service EVs.

The government has acknowledged these concerns and has said that it is working to address them. It has announced plans to set up more charging stations across the state and to train more technicians in EV repair and maintenance. The new policy is a bold step by the government of Goa to promote the adoption of EVs. It remains to be seen whether the state will be able to overcome the challenges and successfully implement the policy.


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