Meet 865cc Royal Enfield Motorcycle – Modification Cost Rs 4.50 Lakh

Meet 865cc Royal Enfield Motorcycle – Modification Cost Rs 4.50 Lakh

Royal Enfield bikes are amongst the most popular mods. Because of the availability of aftermarket accessories for bikes, they are an excellent choice for experimenting with. We've seen several incredibly distinctive and visually stunning mod jobs throughout the years. Some were focused on aesthetic improvements and some were on performance. One such example is the customised Royal Enfield 650 Twin, which is seen in the Youtube video posted by the channel "BikeWithGirl". 

Debashish and his crew from the Pune-based workshop Ricochet Motorcycles worked on this modification. The custom-built bike's design has been improved, and it now commands a more visible road presence. It is outfitted with a custom-stitched single-piece saddle with a ribbed design and a cowl at the back. It also boasts custom-built side body panels with Ricochet Motorcycles insignia.


The weight of the bike has been greatly decreased thanks to special materials used for the clip-on handlebar, carbon fibre mudguard at the front, and key lock construction. To save weight, the front fender has been cut short, and the rear unit has been deleted. Red accents on the gasoline tank and brake callipers contrast nicely against the black background.

Another notable thing is the modifications made to the powertrain. The engine has been bored out to accommodate a larger displacement, which is now 865cc instead of the stock model's 650cc. This was accomplished by moving the piston via an expanded sleeve, increasing the capacity of the cylinders. Along with the bored-out cylinders, the gearing has been altered, with a bigger sprocket with additional teeth being utilized. 

It also gets an improved drag chain to keep up with high-powered driving. The sprocket and drivetrain changes resulted in a 25% boost in starting acceleration. The exact performance stats from the bored-out engine have not been published, but the bike will be analysed at a dynamo test centre. As per the available information, the total expenses for the customisation process are Rs 4.50 lakh.