400cc Husqvarna Motorcycle Spotted in India For The First Time

400cc Husqvarna Motorcycle Spotted in India For The First Time

The next-generation Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 has been sighted testing on Indian roads for the very first time. The motorbike comes with major differences from its predecessor. The previous 400cc Husqvarna never made it to the Indian market. This upcoming iteration of the 400cc scrambler is expected to be released here soon.

The new Svartpilen 401, like the previous Svartpilen 401, shares the majority of its components with the 390 Duke. But the latter's next-generation model was recently spotted testing in India. The new Svartpilen 401 features discernible improvements over the previous model. A reworked bodywork with an edgier fuel tank part, a wider pillion grab rail, and a split-type seat, are a few of them. The visual alterations are difficult to see in detail due to the camouflage applied to the bodywork. 

The hardware package of the new Svartpilen has been given a more thorough upgrade. The test mule was outfitted with an offset mono-shock and a gull wing swing arm, both of which can be found on the new 390 Duke. The trellis frame and sub-frame may have also been adopted from the Duke. A closer inspection reveals that the sub-frame is longer than its predecessor. This will allow the brand to fit more spacious seats on this new bike. 

The wire-spoke wheels with block pattern tyres differentiate the new Svartpilen 401 from the Duke. This is in line with its scrambler concept. The high-strung, single-cylinder engine should be the same as the 390 Duke. The nature of upgrades for this engine in the new Husqvarna Svartpilen is unknown.

The Indian range of Husqvarna is limited to 250cc twins, the Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250. In the next few days, we may see these bikes joined by their larger 400cc siblings, increasing rivalry in the 300 to 400cc segment.

Image Source: Zigwheels

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