Exciting News: KTM Unveils Powerful New Super Duke 1390R

Exciting News: KTM Unveils Powerful New Super Duke 1390R


With the release of their most recent masterpiece, the Super Duke 1390R, KTM has once again taken the lead in the field of cutting-edge motorcycle engineering. With advancements in performance, design, and technology, this new model is positioned as the more refined older sibling of the well-regarded 1290 Super Duke.

A Stylish Upgrade: Design and Features

While retaining the essence of its predecessor, KTM has meticulously enhanced its visual appeal, A cutting-edge LED headlight design and svelte winglets are included, which not only adds a contemporary look but also highlight the brand's dedication to pushing the limits of fashion and utility.

Powerhouse Performance: Engine and Dynamics

Beneath the surface, the Super Duke 1390R boasts a series of enhancements aimed at delivering an unparalleled riding experience. The fuel tank, now expanded to a capacious 17.5 liters, ensures longer journeys without frequent refueling stops. The wheels, subjected to subtle redesign, contribute to an overall improvement in dynamics. However, the true star of the show is the newly introduced 1350cc engine, producing a staggering 190 horsepower. The addition of a specialized cam shift system further refines power delivery, offering riders a seamlessly dynamic experience.

Tech Marvels: Electronics and Safety Features

In the age of digital innovation, the Super Duke 1390R does not disappoint. Loaded with an array of cutting-edge electronics, riders can tailor their experience through different riding modes, benefit from a responsive lean-sensitive traction control system, and engage with a full-color TFT display that mirrors the sophistication of contemporary smartphones. Safety is prioritized with the inclusion of a tire pressure monitoring system, ensuring optimal performance on every ride. Notably, the option to integrate an advanced anti-wheelie feature adds an element of personalization to the riding experience, allowing riders to balance thrill with safety.

Coming Soon to Europe: Availability and Pricing

The unveiling of the Super Duke 1390R has sparked widespread anticipation, especially among European motorcycle enthusiasts. The wait is soon to be over as the model is slated for release in the European market. However, with the inclusion of these groundbreaking features, potential buyers should expect a slightly elevated price point compared to its predecessor. However, the Super Duke 1390R is expected to provide previously unheard-of levels of performance, technological sophistication, and overall riding excitement, making the purchase price justifiable. Enthusiasts, get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as KTM continues to redefine the standards of motorcycle excellence.