New KTM Duke 990 Spotted Testing - Coming To India?

New KTM Duke 990 Spotted Testing - Coming To India?

KTM has been testing a new 990 Duke motorcycle, which is expected to be launched in the international market soon. The test bike was recently spotted on a test run overseas, and it looks like it is close to production.

The new 990 Duke is styled similarly to past KTM models, with a pair of reverse-boomerang headlights on the side that might be LED DRLs. The centre of the bike features a pair of vertically situated projector headlights. The fuel tank extensions are fairly sharp and contribute to the visual mass near the front end. Similarly aggressive and in keeping with other KTM Duke models, the whole bodywork is quite strong.

KTM is also developing a new LC8c mill for the new 990 Duke. The type-approval documents for the engine were leaked in China last year. The new engine is expected to be more powerful and efficient than the previous 990 Duke's engine.

The new 990 Duke is also expected to come with a host of electronic features, including LED lighting, ride mode traction control, wheelie control, ABS mode, and more. A TFT screen is also expected to be included. The test bike shown here has an offset monoshock and WP USD front forks. The braking system consists of two front discs and one rear disc, each placed on 17-inch alloy wheels covered with rubber with a road bias.

KTM is likely to introduce the new 990 Duke in the international market only, as it didn't witness great success with the 790 Duke in India. The new 990 Duke is a significant step forward for KTM. It gets a more powerful engine, a host of electronic features, and an aggressive design. The new 990 Duke is sure to be a hit with KTM fans around the world.

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2023-09-19 10:16:58 AM

The KTM Duke 125 is usually equipped with disc brakes both at the front and rear, providing effective braking performance. Yes, the KTM Duke 125 usually has a seat with sufficient space for a passenger, making it suitable for two-up riding.

What is the seat height of the KTM Duke 125 and Does it come with a digital display?
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The seat height of the KTM Duke 125 is typically around 818 mm, providing a comfortable riding position for most riders. Yes, the KTM Duke 125 usually features a digital display that provides information about speed, gear position, fuel level, and more.

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While KTM Duke 125 more ideal for shorter rides and city commuting, riders can undertake moderate distance rides comfortably with proper breaks.

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Yes, the KTM Duke 125 is often considered a suitable choice for beginners due to its manageable power and responsive handling.

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