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New Force Gurkha Price in India
Force Gurkha
4784 views this week
₹ 14,75,000
Force Motors Force One (P)
Force One
4230 views this week
₹ 9,38,000 - ₹ 14,02,000
Force Traveller 3050
Force Traveller
29269 views this week
₹ 13,17,147 - ₹ 19,41,970
Force Motors Trax Toofan (P)
Force Trax
137158 views this week
₹ 10,51,207 - ₹ 14,87,861
Force Motors Trip (P)
Force Trip
3581 views this week
₹ 3,00,000
Force Motors MPV Diesel
Force MPV
426 views this week
₹ 16,00,000
Force Motors Gurkha (2011)
Force Gurkha (2011)
424 views this week
₹ 6,50,000
Force Motors Gurkha Hard Top 4x4
Force Gurkha (2016)
4033 views this week
₹ 6,42,000 - ₹ 8,71,000
Force Motors Gurkha Xpedition
Force Gurkha (2020)
2595 views this week
₹ 8,38,152 - ₹ 9,35,625
Force Trax Cruiser
Force Trax (2020)
30822 views this week
₹ 5,42,000 - ₹ 8,68,515

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Force Gurkha vs. Mahindra Thar
Force Gurkha vs. Mahindra Thar
Thursday, 07 September 2023 5:02 AM
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New Force Urbania Luxury Van Detailed Walkaround Video
Tuesday, 13 December 2022 0:00 AM

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Toll Free Roadside Assistance Number: 1800-233-3000

Force Motors is an India based manufacturer inaugurated in 1958 by N. K Firodia, well-known for manufacturing small trading vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, light commercial vehicles, sports utility vehicles and agricultural tractors.

Formerly the company was known as Bajaj Tempo before the name Force Motors in May 2005, after Indian based automobile manufacturer, Bajaj, an Indian based automotive producer bought a very notable outline in the organization. Tempo 3-wheeler Hanseat has its production in 1958 at Goregaon, Mumbai succeeded by Tempo Viking commercial four wheeler in 1964 and diesel Matador light commercial vehicle in 1969.

1982 is also marked as a significant year in the history of Force Motors when the company started producing Mercedes Benz OM616 under license in collaboration with then Daimler-Benz in the golden year 1982, which is marked as a significant year in the history of Force Motors.

The brand introduced tempo Trax road vehicle in 1988 and in 2011, it tapped into passenger vehicle segment with One SUV. Also, Force Motors introduced its off-roader Gurkha. In 2015 Force Motor inaugurated there Chennai manufacturing unit, where it fabricates engines for BMW cars and SUVs made in India.

Force Motors India offers a total of 2 car models. These consist of 0 Force Motors upcoming cars and 2 new Force Motors cars in India. The list of Force Motors cars in the country comprises 2 SUV cars. The manufacturer offers 6 diesel variants. Force Motors Gurkha, Force Motors One are some of the popular force motors vehicles in India.

As of March 2018, Force Motors has a total of 46 dealerships spread across 46 cities in India. Force Motors has a nationwide dealer presence. The company also exports to various countries in Africa, Latin America, SAARC and ASEAN countries, Gulf and Germany.

Force Motors offers 2 new car models in India. One, Gurkha and are among the popular cars from Force Motors. Force Motors Gurkha is the lowest priced model at Rs. 8.20 lakh and Force Motors One is the highest priced model at Rs. 9.18 lakh.

Questions and Answers

Most Popular Answers for Force
Should I consider a test drive before purchasing the Force Gurkha?
28 August 2023 05:52

Yes, it's highly recommended to take a test drive of the Force Gurkha to experience its performance, comfort, and handling before making a final decision.

Is the Force Gurkha 4x4 suitable for off-road adventures?
28 August 2023 05:49

Yes, the Force Gurkha 4x4 is designed to excel in off-road conditions. Off-road fans can choose it because of its 4x4 skills, ground clearance, and tough construction.

Can the Force Gurkha 4x4 be used for daily commuting as well?
28 August 2023 05:32

While the Force Gurkha 4x4 is designed for off-road performance, it can also be used for daily commuting. However, it can be less fuel-efficient than typical city cars because of its off-road capabilities.

Does the Force Gurkha 4x4 come with advanced safety features?
28 August 2023 05:30

Force Gurkha models may include safety features like airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and reinforced chassis for improved safety during off-road and on-road drives.

Can a Force Trax Toofan tow?
04 January 2023 11:43
Yes, a Force Trax Toofan can tow up to 2000 kgs. It has a powerful engine and a reliable suspension system, making it an ideal choice for towing. It also has the option of a tow bar that can be connected to a trailer, making it perfect for towing heavy loads.

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