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Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark (Diesel)
124 views this week
₹ 4,25,000
2015 Chevrolet Cruze India (P)
Chevrolet Cruze (New) (Diesel)
74 views this week
₹ 16,00,000
Chevrolet Camaro (P)
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe
232 views this week
₹ 60,00,000
Chevrolet Spin MPV (P)
Chevrolet Spin (Diesel)
50 views this week
₹ 9,00,000

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Chevrolet Aveo LT ABS
Chevrolet Aveo
366 views this week
₹ 5,99,000 - ₹ 8,00,000
Chevrolet Aveo UVA LS
Chevrolet Aveo UVA
237 views this week
₹ 4,20,000 - ₹ 6,00,000
Chevrolet Beat (P)
Chevrolet Beat
680 views this week
₹ 3,00,125 - ₹ 6,57,000
Chevrolet Beat (2012)
Chevrolet Beat (2012)
0 views this week
₹ 5,00,000 - ₹ 6,00,000
Chevrolet Beat (2012)
Chevrolet Beat (2013)
332 views this week
₹ 3,73,000 - ₹ 5,61,000
Chevrolet Captiva Front 3 - Quarter View
Chevrolet Captiva
172 views this week
₹ 22,59,289 - ₹ 27,36,192
Chevrolet Captiva (2011)
Chevrolet Captiva (2011)
209 views this week
₹ 20,65,000 - ₹ 28,00,000
Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 xTreme
Chevrolet Captiva (2013)
52 views this week
₹ 19,48,000
Chevrolet Cruze (P)
Chevrolet Cruze
494 views this week
₹ 13,95,000 - ₹ 17,45,000
Chevrolet Enjoy (P)
Chevrolet Enjoy
534 views this week
₹ 5,69,856 - ₹ 9,17,000
Chevrolet Forester
Chevrolet Forester
45 views this week
₹ 15,00,000
Chevrolet Optra (2007) 1.6 LS
Chevrolet Optra
282 views this week
₹ 8,00,000 - ₹ 11,00,000
Chevrolet Optra LS
Chevrolet Optra Magnum
245 views this week
₹ 7,47,000 - ₹ 10,05,000
Chevrolet Sail (P)
Chevrolet Sail
216 views this week
₹ 5,12,401 - ₹ 8,44,000
Chevrolet Sail (P)
Chevrolet Sail (2013)
114 views this week
Chevrolet Sail (P)
Chevrolet Sail U-VA
253 views this week
₹ 4,38,616 - ₹ 7,46,000
Chevrolet Sail (P)
Chevrolet Sail U-VA (2013)
21 views this week
Chevrolet Spark Front 3-Quarter
Chevrolet Spark
611 views this week
₹ 3,46,781 - ₹ 4,25,000
Chevrolet Spark (2011)
Chevrolet Spark (2011)
211 views this week
₹ 2,90,000 - ₹ 3,68,000
Chevrolet SRV Base
Chevrolet SRV
80 views this week
₹ 7,27,000 - ₹ 8,52,000
Chevrolet Tavera (P)
Chevrolet Tavera
263 views this week
₹ 7,36,000 - ₹ 11,28,000
Chevrolet Tavera (2011) LT
Chevrolet Tavera (2011)
170 views this week
₹ 6,80,000 - ₹ 10,26,000
Chevrolet Trailblazer India (P)
Chevrolet Trailblazer
20 views this week
₹ 24,00,000 - ₹ 24,95,000
Adra Compact SUV Concept
Chevrolet Adra
27 views this week
₹ 10,00,000
Chevrolet Baojun
Chevrolet Baojun
44 views this week
₹ 8,00,000
Chevrolet Camaro (P)
Chevrolet Camaro
232 views this week
₹ 60,00,000
Chevrolet Corvette (P)
Chevrolet Corvette
164 views this week
Chevrolet Essentia (P)
Chevrolet Essentia
48 views this week
₹ 6,00,000 - ₹ 7,00,000
Chevrolet Lumina
Chevrolet Lumina
0 views this week
₹ 16,00,000
Chevrolet Orlando
Chevrolet Orlando
42 views this week
₹ 10,00,000
Chevrolet Spin MPV (P)
Chevrolet Spin
61 views this week
₹ 8,00,000 - ₹ 9,00,000
Chevrolet Tavera N200
Chevrolet Tavera N200
84 views this week
₹ 5,00,000
Chevrolet Trax Crossover
Chevrolet Trax
84 views this week
₹ 9,50,000

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Toll Free Roadside Assistance Number: 1800-103-8090

Established in Detroit, by racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William C. Billy Durant in November 1911 Chevrolet promptly gained a high position for its presentation, toughness, and worth. Chevrolet, in association with its parent company General Motors, became the first automobile company to open an construction plant in India in 1928.

It was founded in 2003 in India. Launched by GM's India operations, Chevrolet is one of the most renowned and demanded auto brands as per introduced by GM’s India operations. China became Chevrolet's third largest market, with sales 332,774 vehicles, behind only the United States and Brazil.

It was time that the company trickled down to other parts of Asia. The launch of Chevrolet marked General Motors'' success in India. It set foot in India with the launch of Optra in 2003. The car was well received by the Indian customers. Chevrolet later launched the SUV Tavera which too did well in the Indian Market.

But their true success was a ''Spark'' of brilliance. With the launch of Chevrolet Spark, not only did the GM sales numbers shoot up, but they developed a sense of confidence in the Indian consumers.

Currently, Chevrolet sells Spark, Cruze, Optra, Tavera, Captiva, Beat and Aveo cars in India. The Chevrolet launched in India the Captiva SUV. Chevrolet is the Beat and the Cruze are the latest models launched now. Except for SRV, which we believe was launched ahead of its time, almost all Chevrolet cars are well accepted by Indians.

Chevrolet''s brand success in India can be measured by the fact that; even General Motors'' bankruptcy in the US did not hamper their sales in India. In fact, the bankruptcy had no impact on the Indian operations. Today, Chevrolet sells its cars through 150+ dealers in more than 120 cities in India.

Since then, there was no looking back for Chevrolet in India. In 2009, Chevrolet launched the Cruze which has been the best-seller in its class. Chevrolet Beat in 2010 was introduced only to increase its market share notably. Chevrolet's premium SUV, Captiva too has been a strong player in its segment. The Chevrolet Aveo, Aveo UVA, and the Optra have not been able to contribute much to the overall sales.

Questions and Answers

Most Popular Answers for Chevrolet
Will the Chevrolet Cruze come back to India?
29 December 2022 10:17
As the Chevrolet company is still in India and producing cars for exporting to other countries...
Is it okay to buy a second-hand Chevrolet Cruze because the company has stopped selling cars in India?
29 December 2022 10:17
As a matter of fact, there are both pros and cons of buying a used Chevrolet Cruze.
When Wll Chevrolet Launch the Spin MPV in India?
29 December 2022 10:16
The Chevrolet Spin MPV is expected to be launched at 2016 Autos Expo in February.
What is the Ex-showroom Price of New Chevrolet Captiva?
29 December 2022 06:12
The Harley Davidson Low Rider is the second bike in the Softail range. It starts at INR 13.59 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) but the price can go up upon addition of various accessories.
What is the Ex-showroom Price of New Chevrolet Captiva?
29 December 2022 10:14
Chevrolet Captiva comes at an exclusive ex-showroom price of Rs.24.60 Lakh.

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