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The Vibgyor Vehicles is a Kolkata based company, and it is a flagship company of the Vibgyor Allied Industries. This company has entered the automobile industry in 2009. The first vehicle introduced in this brand will be the 100cc two wheeler bike. The company is now planning to foray into the three wheeler and scooter segment by the end of this year. The company planned to launch its owerful scooter in June or July this year, As said, Vibgyor launched its vehicle from its existent plant, located at Dankuni, West Bengal.

Furthermore, the company also planned to come out with its three wheeler segment this year. The company has been working hard to target the farmers and other small entrepreneur in the sub-urban and the rural areas. It is planning to offer it at a competitive price. However, the price of the three-wheeler would be kept at an affordable cost for the small entrepreneurs.