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Moto Morini is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles. He launched the BialberoCorsaCorte engine last year along with the Granpasso 1200. After just one year, Morini also launched the upgraded version. The bike line-up of Moto Morini features a naked sport like the Corsaro, Scarmbler and Granpasso. The manufacturer has made few changes like the Excel wheels which is capable of rolling with more weight and knobby tires.

The improved ergonomics features include the new handle bar which can be adjusted, and the lower seat height. This helps a wide range of riders t drive comfortably. Morover, the footpegs have also been changed, and the removable rubber inserts makes things easier for the off-road riders. The fuel injection system is updated with new version software, which gives great riding pleasure. The Morello Yamasaki bikes have heat protection on their exhaust pipes. This protects the rider’s legs from rear shock and gives comfort. 

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