Upcoming Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 Spotted Once Again

Upcoming Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 Spotted Once Again

Royal Enfield fans are in for a treat as the company continues to create headlines with its future bikes which demonstrate a taste for innovation and a dedication to extending its broad lineup, and the latest buzz surrounds the Royal Enfield Shotgun 350, a bobber-style motorcycle based on the popular Classic 350. Spied recently, this next model blends modern technology with traditional design features to create a unique riding experience. Let's go into the information offered by the most recent sightings and see what the Shotgun 350 has in store for riders.

Wheel Design and Tyres: A Stylish Stance

One notable feature observed in the recent spy shots is the wheel design of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 350. Equipped with spoke wheels the motorcycle showcases a combination of a 19-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel and this configuration adds a touch of style and uniqueness to the bike's overall stance. In comparison, the Classic 350, depending on the variant, sports a 19-inch front and 18-inch rear spoke wheels or alloys. The absence of white-walled tyres adds a subtle yet impactful change to the visual appeal.

Side Pannier and Clean Aesthetics

The spy shots also reveal the inclusion of a side pannier, likely the "Black Commuter Pannier" designed for the Classic 350 and this practical addition enhances the Shotgun 350's utility for daily commuting. The clean and uncluttered rear, achieved by attaching the rear fender to the swingarm, contributes to the bobber's minimalist and classic look.

Riding Posture: A Blend of Comfort and Style

Distinctive elements of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 include ape-hanger handlebars and forward-set footpegs, offering riders a more upright and commanding riding posture and this deviation from the Classic 350's ergonomics emphasizes the bobber's unique character and rider-focused design and the removable pillion seat adds versatility allowing riders to tailor the bike to their preferences.

Lighting Upgrades: LED Headlight and Indicators

In a move towards modernity, the Shotgun 350 adopts LED turn indicators and an LED headlight, enhancing visibility and contributing to the bike's contemporary appeal and this integration of advanced lighting technology aligns with Royal Enfield's commitment to combining classic aesthetics with modern functionality.

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Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 

Powerplant and Performance: Familiar Engine with a Punch

Underneath the sleek exterior, the Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 houses the familiar 349cc, single-cylinder engine, shared with the Classic 350, Meteor 350, and Hunter 350, and this reliable powerplant ensures a robust and engaging riding experience with a distinct exhaust note providing a visceral connection between rider and machine.

Expected Launch and Pricing: Anticipation Building

The Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 is anticipated to hit the market by mid-2024, generating excitement among riders eager to experience the charm of a classic bobber with a Royal Enfield twist. With an expected price tag of around Rs 2.20 lakh (ex-showroom), the Shotgun 350 is poised to compete in the burgeoning bobber segment, vying for attention alongside rivals like the Jawa Perak and Jawa 42 Bobber.


Modern technology and traditional design elements come together harmoniously in the Royal Enfield Shotgun 350. As the launch date approaches, enthusiasts can look forward to a captivating addition to Royal Enfield's illustrious lineup bringing the allure of a bobber to riders seeking a distinctive and timeless riding experience. As the Shotgun 350 enters the road and takes on the essence of Royal Enfield's enduring tradition, stay tuned for additional information.