Pulsar Power: Bajaj's Triumph in October 2023 Sales

Pulsar Power: Bajaj's Triumph in October 2023 Sales


Bajaj Auto saw significant changes in sales in October 2023, which called for a closer examination of the many aspects of its operation. Let's delve deeper into the intricacies of the sales data in simpler terms:

1. Overall Sales Growth:

  • Bajaj Auto achieved commendable success by selling a total of 3,88,428 two-wheelers in October 2023. This marked a substantial increase from the 3,30,266 units sold in the corresponding month of the previous year.
  • The growth in sales was evident both in the domestic markets of India and in the international arena through exports.

2. Pulsar's Remarkable Success:

  • A standout performer in October was the Pulsar model, particularly in the Indian market. The Pulsar series witnessed a historic high in sales with 1.61 lakh units sold, establishing a record for the model.
  • Impressively, Pulsar contributed to 61% of Bajaj's domestic sales, with the 125cc version emerging as the most favored among consumers.

3. Performance of Other Key Models:

  • Alongside the Pulsar, other models such as the Platina and Bajaj Chetak also demonstrated robust sales performance. With 74,359 units sold, the Platina made a substantial contribution to the total sales amount.
  • Notably, Bajaj Chetak experienced exceptional growth, with sales reaching 12,137 units, showcasing a remarkable 223.14% increase.

4. Domestic Sales Insights:

  • The domestic market witnessed a substantial surge in sales, recording a growth of 33.71% and reaching a total of 2,64,018 units. The Pulsar, Platina, and Bajaj Chetak emerged as the top performers in the domestic market.
  • However, there were variations in sales trends, with models like Bajaj CT experiencing a decline in sales compared to the previous year.

5. International Sales (Exports):

  • Despite the overall positive performance, Bajaj faced a 6.33% decrease in exports, with a total of 1,24,410 units exported in October 2023 compared to 1,32,813 units in the same month in 2022.
  • The Boxer model emerged as the highest-exported model, while the Pulsar and Discover models showcased positive growth in international markets.

6. Model-wise Export Breakdown:

  • Within the Boxer series, while overall exports declined by 16.02%, the 110cc model remained the most sought-after, contributing significantly to the export figures.
  • The Pulsar series witnessed a substantial 69.15% YoY growth in exports, with the 200cc model leading the way in terms of sales.

7. Export Sales Specifics:

  • Examining export details, Bajaj CT experienced a significant YoY decline of 45.21%, while Discover exports demonstrated a positive growth of 30.33%.
  • However, models such as Platina, Dominar, Avenger, and Chetak posted a decline in export numbers, reflecting a mixed performance across different product lines.


Bajaj Auto had an overall positive month in October 2023, marked by increased sales primarily driven by the stellar performances of the Pulsar, Platina, and the noteworthy growth of the Chetak electric scooter. However, certain models faced a decline in both domestic and international markets, reflecting the nuanced nature of the two-wheeler market dynamics.