Price of UM Renegade Commando & Sport S Increased

Price of UM Renegade Commando & Sport S Increased

UM seems to be more in news for its price hikes than any other achievement that it had in last 18 months. Fans felt a bit of relief when UM slashed their prices due to GST benefits but who knew that this feeling were just temporary happiness. UML once again increased the price for both of its bikes, taking Sport S higher by INR 3374 and Commando by INR 2173. Here is how UM has been changing prices since the launch of both Renegade bikes. renegade-commando-sport-s-bs4-2017 Auto Expo 2016 Renegade Sport S - INR 1,49,000 Renegade Commando - INR 1,59,000 Since the introduction of UM bikes, first few months were only for bookings. It took more than 4 months to open their first dealership and then two more months for first delivery. August 2016 was the actual month when UM got things into action. Those who received the first units were fans that booked the bike months back after its Auto Expo launch. January 2017 Renegade Sport S - INR 1,57,000 Renegade Commando - INR 1,64,000 Was this necessary for those bikes that already had least number of sales in hand? Only UM knows the truth and thus, fans were disappointed with an increase in INR 8,000 on the Sport S and INR 5,000 on the Commando. The biggest surprise was that not even a single change was seen on both of them. Rise in operation cost and raw material of other brands would have hardly resulted in INR 800-1000 of hike in this segment. April 2017 Renegade Sport S - INR 1,68,000 Renegade Commando - INR 1,74,000 Boom! Here comes one more time bomb that exploded just in 3 months after their last price hike. The only sign of relief that fans had was introduction of fuel injection to these motorcycles. The only question that came in every mind was ‘Why Commando and not Classic 500?’. Genuinely a good question. June 2017 Renegade Sport S -INR 1,63,800 Renegade Commando - INR 1,68,300 The first move that made fans more happy than ever, drop in prices due to revision of taxes was a great move. This would have surely helped them gain attention in this crowded Indian motorcycle market. The prices now were much more realistic than they were ever before. August 2017 Renegade Sport S - INR 1,67,200 Renegade Commando - INR 1,70,500 This could be one negative point for UM as rival bikes have all brought their prices down by small margins. Everyone considers a Royal Enfield Classic 350 as their rival and that too is now priced at a much lower INR 1,35,400. commando-pro

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