Maruti Ignis Electric Sets New Standards at 200 Kmph

Maruti Ignis Electric Sets New Standards at 200 Kmph

The Maruti Ignis, a compact hatchback primarily known for its economical and practical attributes, has taken a dramatic turn towards high-performance with an electrifying transformation by Northway Motors, a Pune-based firm. This modification has pushed the Ignis into the spotlight by reaching an exhilarating top speed of 200 kmph, all thanks to its conversion to electric power.

Modification Details

Northway Motors has expertly retrofitted the Ignis with an electric motor and a substantial battery pack. Notably, the Ignis retains its 5-speed gearbox, which is unusual for electric vehicles that typically employ a single-speed transmission. This unique setup allows for optimized torque delivery across different speeds, which is evident in its ability to reach 200 kmph, as indicated by the car's original speedometer during a controlled dynamometer test.

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Maruti Ignis Electric 

Performance and Engineering

The inclusion of a conventional gearbox in an EV conversion is an intriguing choice. For production EVs, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and weight considerations usually lead to the adoption of a single-speed gearbox. However, Northway Motors' approach with the Ignis showcases how traditional multi-gear transmissions can be advantageous in enhancing performance dynamics by making full use of the electric motor's output at varying speeds.

Green Credentials

Visually, the electric Ignis doesn't stray far from its combustion-engine counterpart, maintaining its recognizable design but with subtle nods to its new electric heart, such as the green-painted alloy wheels. These aesthetic touches align with the vehicle’s new eco-friendly identity, underscored by the green license plates that denote its electric vehicle status.

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Research and Development

It's crucial to note that this electrified Ignis is primarily a research and development project. It has not been tested on public roads but rather in a controlled environment to ensure safety and precision in data gathering. This project serves as a proof of concept for Northway Motors' capabilities in EV technology and conversion kits, potentially influencing future conversions and technologies in the automotive sector.

Market Implications

This high-speed performance not only redefines the capabilities of the Ignis but also propels Northway Motors into the spotlight as a pioneer in EV conversion kits. Such innovations could significantly impact the automotive modification market, offering car enthusiasts new avenues to explore electric mobility without compromising on performance.

This transformation of the Maruti Ignis by Northway Motors marks a significant achievement in the realm of electric vehicle modifications, highlighting the potential of conventional gearboxes in enhancing the performance of EVs and expanding the horizons of what can be expected from electric mobility solutions.