Possible Launch of Updated 2024 Kawasaki W175 at India Bike Week

Possible Launch of Updated 2024 Kawasaki W175 at India Bike Week

The anticipation builds for motorcycle enthusiasts as Kawasaki gears up to unveil the 2024 iteration of its W175 at the upcoming India Bike Week 2023. In the domain of retro motorcycles, where a plethora of options emerges starting from the 300cc mark, the spotlight turns to the 2024 Kawasaki W175 as a potential entrant in this distinctive class.

Expected Changes in the 2024 Kawasaki W175

As the revelation date draws near, enthusiasts speculate on the upgrades the 2024 model might bring. Teasers suggest several cosmetic modifications with a key focus on enhancing both aesthetics and performance and the most notable expectations include:

  1. Alloy Wheel with Pinstripes: The veiled motorcycle hints at a departure from the existing wire-spoke unit in favor of an alloy wheel, adorned with sporty pinstripes for a contemporary touch.
  2. Tubeless Tyres with Alloy Wheels: Industry insiders anticipate a transition to tubeless tires coupled with alloy wheels, promising not only a sleek appearance but also improved functionality compared to traditional tube-type tires.
  3. New Colors: In line with contemporary trends, the 2024 W175 is likely to introduce a fresh palette of colors, further enhancing its visual appeal and aligning with evolving consumer preferences.

Current Status and Pricing

Presently, the Kawasaki W175, locally manufactured in India, occupies a niche space in the market. To bolster its standing and attract a broader audience the 2024 version is expected to undergo a pricing revision. With current prices ranging between Rs. 1.47 lakh and Rs. 1.49 lakh (ex-showroom), the updated model aims to strike a balance between affordability and premium features.

Design and Specifications

The W175 is known for its simple yet elegant design embodying classic elements with a modern flair. Distinctive features include a round headlamp with chrome detailing, round ORVMs, fork gaiters, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and a single-piece seat. The overall design exudes a timeless charm reminiscent of classic motorcycles.

Under the hood, the W175 packs a 177cc, air-cooled engine delivering 13 PS of maximum power at 7500 rpm and 13.2 Nm of peak torque at 6000 rpm. The powertrain, mated to a 5-speed transmission, is expected to undergo minor tweaks to comply with BS6 standards.

The suspension system combines 30mm telescopic front forks and swingarm dual shock absorbers with adjustable spring preload at the rear promising a comfortable ride. Braking duties are efficiently managed by a 220mm front disc and a 110mm drum brake at the rear.

Market Dynamics and Challenges

Despite its distinctive appeal, the Kawasaki W175 faces challenges in terms of market penetration due to the limited number of dealerships. While the bike's lightweight construction at 135 kg enhances maneuverability in city traffic, unlocking its full potential necessitates a strategic expansion of the dealership network, especially in smaller towns and cities.


As the curtains prepare to rise at the India Bike Week 2023, the 2024 Kawasaki W175 stands poised to captivate motorcycle enthusiasts with its anticipated updates, blending classic aesthetics with modern features. The unveiling on December 8, 2023, holds the promise of a new chapter in the legacy of this retro-themed motorcycle