Meet MV Agusta F4-Inspired KTM SRV 390 - Details and Photos

Meet MV Agusta F4-Inspired KTM SRV 390 - Details and Photos

Saurav Verma, a student of the National Institute of Design, India has created a full-fledged Italian motorcycle from the KTM RC 390 as a part of his final project. The conversion of an RC 390 into an Italian sports motorcycle from scratch makes it worthy of a mention and that’s what we are going to do.

Matching the MV Agusta F4 in terms of the final design, Saurav’s production-ready KTM SRV 390 was selected for the competition of the modified bikes at India Bike Week 2019. The motorcycle has been developed by scraping off the orange body fairing of the KTM RC 390 and the same has been replaced with fibre-reinforced plastic mountings made from scratch.

The overall design of the KTM SRV 390 takes inspiration from a Falcon, which was chosen by Saurav for converting his dream into reality. The body panels in addition to the paint scheme as well as the design of the front apron of the motorcycle have been inspired by a Falcon’s body. The body panels of the motorcycle were carved after the final design with the help of MDF filled with waste styrofoam.

The front cowl has been specifically designed by moulding thin plastic sheets while the front windscreen has been taken from the Honda CBR250R. The side fairing and the rear profile were also moulded with the help of laser-cut MDF parts and joined together with M-seal. The mainframe of the motorcycle has been further equipped with a separate rail underneath it that offers resistance in case of high speed.

Saurav has offered a unique look to the underlying KTM RC 390 by offering a split taillight design and a single-pod LED unit at the front. The overall profile of the motorcycle has been made aggressive with neatly carved body panels. The outcome of the project is something worthy enough to grab major attention and it stands out among the rest.