Honda Confirms EV Sports Car Development

Honda Confirms EV Sports Car Development

The Honda NSX is set to return with electric power as part of Honda's innovative new EV lineup. CEO Toshihiro Mibe disclosed that Honda is actively exploring electric sports cars hinting at the development of a new electric sports car within the company's R&D center. While details about Honda's first electric sports car remain under wraps, Mibe assured that progress is steadily underway.

Introduction of the 0 Series

Honda recently revealed its groundbreaking "Saloon" EV sedan concept marking the inception of the innovative 0 Series lineup. CEO Toshihiro Mibe disclosed Honda's exploration into electric sports cars affirming the existence of a sports car project within the company's Research and Development (R&D) center. While specifics about Honda's first electric sports car remain undisclosed, Mibe assured that progress is underway.

Focus on Driver Engagement

The forthcoming sports car will serve as the flagship model for Honda's 0 Series EV lineup, slated for release starting in 2026. By putting the fun of driving first through deep driver engagement these cars also seek to increase efficiency, lighten the battery, and brighten the interior. Drawing inspiration from the CES-revealed 0 Series concept, the sports car will adopt a sleek, cab-forward design and a minimalist cockpit, aimed at eliminating distractions. With a slimmer battery and e-axle drive units combining motors, inverters, and gearboxes Honda intends to optimize interior space for an unparalleled driving experience.

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Honda NSX Side View

Distinctive Electric Sports Experience

Mibe emphasized that the electric sports car will offer a unique driving experience, unlike any previous Honda performance vehicle, and the R&D team is dedicated to crafting a vehicle with a distinct character that truly captivates drivers.

Confirmation of NSX's Electrification

As far back as 2011, Mibe, then Honda's R&D head, confirmed plans to electrify the NSX for its third generation. He showed confidence in the entertainment and cost-effectiveness of electric and hybrid cars. The Prelude coupe concept, which demonstrated Honda's steadfast devotion to sports cars—best illustrated by its participation in Formula 1—reiterated this commitment to electrification.

Acura's Vision for Electric Supercar

Honda's luxury brand, Acura, teased its interpretation of an electric supercar, echoing the NSX's iconic mid-engine layout. While details remain scarce and Honda's involvement uncertain the concept hints at Acura's ambitious electric vehicle plans.

Honda's Focus in India

In India, Honda remains focused on its popular mass-market lineup, featuring models like the City, Amaze sedans, and the Elevate SUV. Additionally, Honda is embarking on its electric SUV venture, internally dubbed the Honda Ace EV.