Honda CB350 ADV Design Leaked, Set to Rival Himalayan!

Honda CB350 ADV Design Leaked, Set to Rival Himalayan!

Honda is stepping into the adventure motorcycle arena with the upcoming Honda CB350 ADV, a robust off-road contender that takes direct aim at the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450. This move signals Honda's foray into the dedicated adventure biking segment, bringing forth a machine poised to compete with rivals like the Yezdi Adventure and the forthcoming Hero Xtreme 440.

Design Patented

The recently revealed design, showcased through a patent, portrays a purpose-built ADV motorcycle. While initial glances might draw parallels with the Himalayan 411, closer inspection reveals distinct design elements that set the Honda CB350 ADV apart.

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Honda CB350 ADV

Distinctive Features

Reflecting the typical adventure bike traits, the CB350 ADV features a beak, a sizable windscreen, side guards for luggage attachment, and a protective headlight guard. The inclusion of a round headlight and a raised, flat pillion seat with a luggage rack differentiates it from the Himalayan.

Component Choices

Honda has opted for a cradle chassis housing an air-cooled single-cylinder engine, diverging from the Himalayan's architecture. The CB350 ADV boasts RSU telescopic front forks with substantial travel, complemented by fork gaiters, and twin shock absorbers at the rear. Noteworthy is the choice of wire-spoke wheels, likely equipped with tubeless dual-purpose tires.

Expected Performance Boost

While details about the engine specifications are not yet fully disclosed, it is anticipated that Honda will extract more performance from the existing CB350 powerplant. The current CB350 features a 348cc air-cooled engine generating 20.78 bhp and 30 Nm, mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

Global Launch

Anticipated to hit the market around 2025, the Honda CB350 ADV is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, the CB350, and become a global product.

In summary, the Honda CB350 ADV marks a significant move by Honda into the adventure biking segment, with a design that combines distinctive features and purposeful component choices. As it gears up to rival the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, Yezdi Adventure, and Hero Xtreme 440, the CB350 ADV is poised to offer adventure enthusiasts a compelling option, blending Honda's engineering prowess with off-road capabilities.