Honda CB300F Available With Rs 77,000 Discount - Here Are The Details

Honda CB300F Available With Rs 77,000 Discount - Here Are The Details

Honda's CB300 lineup has not been selling as Honda would want it to. In this segment, Honda offers the CB300F and CB300R. These Honda products are offered at significant discounts. The CB300F is available at an on-road price of Rs 1.98 lakh. There is also a Rs 30,000 discount on the on-road price of the CB300R.

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JSP Bigwing, Hyderabad is offering huge discounts on the CB300 range, according to Dino's Vault channel. Dino refers to it as a "never before, never again" deal. After the discount, the Honda CB300F is available for as little as Rs 1.98 lakh on the road. Before this promotion, the Honda CB300F Deluxe trim cost Rs 2.75 lakh on the road in Hyderabad. This is a one-time discount of Rs. 77,000 on the CB300F. This one-time discount offer is only available until March 31st.

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In India, Honda's flagship in the 300cc segment is the CB300R, which has a more powerful engine. It competes with the BMW G 310 R and the KTM 390 Duke. In Hyderabad, the Honda CB300R costs Rs 2.77 lakh (ex-showroom). Bringing the on-road price to Rs 3.28 lakh. It receives a Rs 30,000 discount off the on-road price. With this limited-time offer, the Honda CB300R will cost Rs. 2.98 lakhs on the road. In comparison to the previous prices, this makes it a very appealing proposition.

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The CB300R is powered by a 286cc single-cylinder engine that produces 30.7 bhp at 9000 RPM and 27.5 Nm at 7500 RPM. The CB300F has a 293.52cc single-cylinder engine that produces a max power of 24.13 bhp at 7500 RPM and a peak torque of 25.6 Nm at 5500 RPM. Both have a 6-speed transmission, USD front forks, mono-shock rear suspension, and other features such as LED lighting.

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Is the Honda CB Shine SP suitable for long rides?
2023-09-15 09:58:58 AM

While primarily designed for city commuting, the Honda CB Shine SP can handle short to medium-length journeys comfortably due to its refined engine and comfortable riding posture.

What are the key features of the Honda CB Shine SP?
2023-09-15 09:58:08 AM

The Honda CB Shine SP features include Honda's patented HET (Honda Eco Technology) for better fuel efficiency, a digital-analog meter with service due indicator, five-speed gearbox for smooth acceleration, and a maintenance-free battery.

What is the engine displacement and mileage (fuel efficiency) of the Honda CB Shine SP?
2023-09-15 09:56:03 AM

The Honda CB Shine SP is powered by a 124.73cc engine and the mileage of the Honda CB Shine SP typically ranges between 55-60 km/l, making it fuel-efficient and cost-effective for daily use.

What are some alternatives to the Honda CB Twister in the market today?
2023-09-14 05:35:44 AM

While the CB Twister is discontinued, Honda and other manufacturers offer various alternatives in the commuter and entry-level bike segments. Some options could include the Honda CB Shine, Honda Hornet 2.0, or similar bikes from different brands.

Is Honda CB Shine good?
2023-09-12 05:19:44 AM

Honda cb shine is recognized for its fuel efficiency, Comfortable ride, And practical features. If your looking for commuter bike just go for it. Because it's best for daily commuting needs of riders and it's mainly focused on fuel efficiency, Comfort and reliability.