2024 Honda CB350 Launches with Daytona-Inspired Clip-On Handlebars

2024 Honda CB350 Launches with Daytona-Inspired Clip-On Handlebars

In an exciting development for motorcycle enthusiasts in Japan, Daytona Corp has introduced a new accessory that enhances the neo-retro appeal of the 2024 Honda CB350 lineup. The aftermarket parts manufacturer has launched race-style clip-on handlebars designed specifically for the CB350 series providing riders with a sportier riding experience. This feature enhances Honda's efforts to provide customization options for bike fans, allowing them to customize their bikes to their preferences.

Aftermarket Accessory

Daytona Corp has introduced sporty clip-on handlebars designed for the 2024 Honda CB350 lineup. The clip-on handlebars contribute to a race-style aesthetic bringing a touch of Cafe Racer influence to the motorcycles.

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Honda CB350 

Customization Options

The clip-on handlebars offer riders an opportunity to personalize their Honda CB350 motorcycles adding a sportier and more dynamic element to the riding experience. This is lined up with the growing trend of motorcycle fans wanting unique and customized solutions in the retro classic market.

Product Details

The aftermarket kit, named "Separate Handset GB350/S (2023 Specification)," includes essential components such as a top bridge, handle clamp, handle, throttle sleeve, clutch cable, throttle cable, and a brake hose. The kit is available in two finishes – Buffed (chrome) and Matte Black, catering to different aesthetic preferences.


While the entire 2024 CB350 lineup in Japan comes equipped with conventional handlebars, the clip-on handlebars from Daytona offer an alternative for riders looking to depart from conventional styling and embrace a more distinctive look.

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The Buffed finish is priced at JPY 61,600, and the Matte Black variant is priced at JPY 57,200. In Indian currency, these prices translate to approximately Rs. 34,000 and Rs. 31,600, respectively, based on current exchange rates.

Daytona's introduction of clip-on handlebars for the 2024 Honda CB350 lineup adds another layer of customization for motorcycle enthusiasts. This collaboration between the manufacturer and an aftermarket specialist reflects the industry's recognition of the demand for unique and personalized motorcycles. As the retro classic motorcycle segment continues to evolve such aftermarket upgrades are likely to play a significant role in shaping the future of the motorcycle market. Riders can now elevate the visual appeal of their CB350 motorcycles while enjoying the reliable performance offered by Honda's single-cylinder air-cooled 348cc engine.