Exciting Updates Coming to Mahindra XUV700: New Features Leak!

Exciting Updates Coming to Mahindra XUV700: New Features Leak!


Mahindra is preparing to launch an extensive range of fascinating improvements for the XUV700 in response to the market's dynamic shifts and priceless client feedback. These much-awaited improvements will launch early in the upcoming year, adding more amenities to the top-spec models and improving the driving experience even more.

Captain Seats for Unparalleled Comfort

The upcoming XUV700 is set to redefine comfort with the introduction of captain seats in the middle row. This extremely desirable function turns the car into a mobile office on wheels, appealing to individuals who would rather be driven around. Leaked information suggests that these captain seats will not only come with a 60:40 split format for the second-row seat but also boast foldable armrests. The addition of recline and forward/backward slide features elevate the overall ride quality and add a high-end touch to the car's interior.

Auto-Dimming IRVM for Enhanced Safety

Another noteworthy addition to the XUV700's feature set is the auto-dimming Internal Rear View Mirror (IRVM). Already a staple in the facelift versions of Harrier and Safari, this sophisticated feature comes with an accessible on/off switch, allowing drivers to engage or disengage the automatic dimming function at their convenience. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, this feature contributes significantly to safety during nighttime driving, reducing glare and enhancing visibility.

Potential Upgrades for Existing XUV700 Owners

For the current cohort of XUV700 owners, an exciting prospect awaits in the form of potential upgrades to these cutting-edge features. Mahindra is considering offering these enhancements as a paid upgrade option, providing a pathway for existing users to stay ahead in terms of both technological advancements and driving comfort. This strategy aligns with Mahindra's commitment to ensuring that its loyal customer base has access to the latest innovations in automotive technology.

Ventilated Seats and Other Considerations

While the introduction of captain seats takes center stage, the specifics of other features, such as ventilated seats, remain undisclosed. Competitors like the Harrier and Safari already offer ventilated front seats, sparking anticipation about the potential inclusion of such features in the XUV700. The leaked information, while providing a sneak peek into certain enhancements, leaves enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the official announcement for a more comprehensive understanding of the new features.

Core Specifications and Powertrain Options Remain Unchanged

Despite these exciting changes, the foundational specifications and powertrain options of the XUV700 are expected to remain consistent. The vehicle will continue to house a robust 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine and a potent 2.2-liter turbo diesel unit, each offering varying power outputs and transmission options. This decision aligns with Mahindra's strategy to maintain the vehicle's core strengths while introducing innovative features to stay competitive in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.


The upcoming updates to the Mahindra XUV700 not only promise a more comfortable and feature-rich driving experience but also underscore Mahindra's commitment to staying attuned to consumer preferences and technological advancements. Keep a keen eye out for the official announcement, as Mahindra positions the XUV700 as a formidable contender in the competitive SUV segment.