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Premier Rio (P)
Premier Rio
11 views this week
₹ 4,78,932 - ₹ 7,24,000
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Premier Rio (2010) GX
Premier Rio (2010)
3 views this week
₹ 6,70,000 - ₹ 0
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Premier Sigma
Premier Sigma
3 views this week
₹ 4,50,000
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Premier is the India’s pioneering automobile manufacturing company located at Chinchwad Pune. The company focuses on three core business segments, namely the Engineering, CNC machines and vehicles. Established in the year 1944, this company has grown to become the leader of the automobile company in India. This company has a constant growth curve, and it is gaining stature in both engineering and automotive segments. The Engineering segment mainly concentrates on two activities, the CNC Machine Division and the Engineering. On the other hand, the automotive segment consists of Sports Utility vehicles and Light Utility Vehicles. The Premier Limited which was originally located at Mumbai, relocated to the Pune, ISO certified plant. This is a 27-acre land, which serves as a centralized research center. The premium automotive division was the first one to launch India’s first SUV, the RIO. The other products that were launched by this company where Sigma and Roadstar.