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Arash AF-10

Arash AF-10
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Arash is luxury sports car made by Arash Motor Company, started in 1999. Arash Motor Company was founded by Arash Farboud and Iranian entrepreneur in UK. The company first made a model named Farboud, the GT which had similar styling that of Porsche 911 GT1 and there was opposition from Porsche. In order to make a marketable car, Farboud hired fresh graduate and designed a car named GTS. GTS was a compact car with stunning looks and it did not take off because of high price. Farboud revamped and employed ex-MTM and ex-Lotus employees to build the GTS. Thus in 2004 Farboud Sports Car was started by Arash. The Badge of the car has Peragrin Falcon the fastest bird on earth. The current models available in the range are AF10 and AF10 SE.  The car comes with a wide choice of funky colours which elevates the looks of the sports car further.

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