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Hero Honda Achiever (2009)
4 views this week
₹ 60,000 - ₹ 61,000
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Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme (Old)
Hero Honda CBZ (2008)
16 views this week
₹ 62,600 - ₹ 64,600
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CD Deluxe
Hero Honda CD (2009)
10 views this week
₹ 37,000 - ₹ 44,000
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Hero Honda Hunk (P)
Hero Honda Hunk (2010)
12 views this week
₹ 63,000 - ₹ 69,000
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Passion Plus
Hero Honda Passion (2010)
14 views this week
₹ 48,000 - ₹ 55,300
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Hero Honda Pleasure (2008)
4 views this week
₹ 41,500 - ₹ 46,000
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Hero Honda Splendor (2009)
17 views this week
₹ 46,900 - ₹ 47,000
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Hero Honda is now Hero MotoCorp and the company revealed its new identity at a mega event in London, UK.

Hero Honda Motors Limited, based in Delhi, has been referred to as the world's biggest manufacturer of 2-wheelers since 2001, when it produced 1.3 million motorbikes in a single year. During the fiscal year 2008-09, the company has sold 3.28 million bikes and the net profit of the company stood at Rs.1281.7 crore, up 32% from the previous fiscal year.