Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter India Launch Possible - Report

Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter India Launch Possible - Report

Yamaha India intends to expand its current scooter lineup, and for that, it is planning to launch a range of scooters ranging between 125cc and 155cc. The brand has plans to double its market share in India in the coming three years. During a recent interview, Mr Eishin Chihana, Chairman of Yamaha Motor India, expressed their intention of bringing the NMax 155 maxi scooter to our country.

As revealed by Mr Chihana, they introduced the Aerox 155 first in the Indian market to just check the response of the Indian buyers towards it and also if there is demand for a scooter in this segment with more luggage capacity or touring ability. Even though Aerox is exclusively offered at Yamaha's premium Blue Square stores, demand exceeds supply. The two-wheeler is now intending to offer the Aerox across all of its outlets in the country.

However, the Aerox 155 is a success in the country, and the NMax 155 can also carve its own successful path in India by having some significant features. The NMax 155 maxi scooter sports a larger fuel tank and a bigger luggage option. Nevertheless, the Aerox and NMax’s luggage capacities are identical, but the NMax also features a large 39-litre optional top box. The only drawback might be the NMax's ground clearance, which varies between 125mm and 135mm, whereas the Aerox has a bit more, at 145mm.

The scooter is powered by the same 155cc, liquid-cooled, VVA-equipped engine that performs its duties in the R15 and Aerox. The other critical difference between the two is that the NMax 155 rides on 13-inch wheels while the Aerox rides on 14-inch wheels. This could have a good impact on handling and lead to lighter steering. With all of the crucial components in place, there is a decent probability that we will see the NMax 155 in the Indian scooter market.