Yamaha NIKEN Launched in the UK at £13,499 (INR 12.34 Lakh)

Yamaha NIKEN Launched in the UK at £13,499 (INR 12.34 Lakh)

Yamaha NIKEN has been launched in the UK for £13,499 (Rs 12.34 lakhs approx). Based on the popular MWT-9 concept shown two years back, this amazing trike is certainly the best thing one would have seen at Tokyo Motor Show 2017. Now a reality among other options, NIKEN is certainly exclusive in its own sense. A unique combination of motorcycling and a third wheel, NIKEN is made to take on tough corners through its leaning multi wheeler approach. For those who still can’t move their eyes off this impressive machine, this one is based on a Yamaha MT-09 and shares its engine with the popular naked machine. Even Indian fans are quite familiar with the moniker that sells for INR 9.55 lakh in the country. Yamaha NIKEN Front View One can imagine alien style headlight of MT-09 for slight references when considering design inspirations for the front fascia. It has been pushed into NIKEN but due to the demand of its design, the same looks excessively wide from the front view. Handling a 15-inch tyre with dual USD fork setup on each side actually needs this much of distance for safety and design purpose. Whenever the rider bends into a corner, one side of this trike bends equally to create a perfect balance for safe riding. [caption id="attachment_160027" align="aligncenter" width="552"]Yamaha NIKEN Launched in UK Yamaha NIKEN Launched in UK at £13,499 (INR 12.34 Lakh)[/caption] Availability of three tyres enhances high-speed balance and better braking in tough scenarios. The production version comes with dual projectors on each side of the face while concept came with LED lights for this purpose. Yamaha offers the NIKEN with LCD instrument console, fully adjustable suspension, traction control, slipper clutch and cruise control for the best ever user experience. ABS is standard as rings are visible on all three wheels. It comes with a side stand that hints at lack of any kind of electronic parking brake system. Riding modes on the Yamaha NIKEN further raises excitement as it seems to be the most powerful three-wheeled machine ever.
Official Video of Yamaha NIKEN
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERpQ6_NQGPM Yamaha NIKEN Front View Yamaha NIKEN Rear View Yamaha NIKEN Rear View Yamaha NIKEN Console Yamaha NIKEN Headlight Yamaha NIKEN Suspension Yamaha NIKEN Rear View